If you asked a man what he finds attractive in a woman aside from character, the list pertains to her body parts, but if you asked a woman the same question, her response would be different.

It would be mainly on the little gestures a man displays, It could be as little as a morning text, the way he looks at her, the way he dresses, the way he stands up for her, or calls after an argument, and you know the surprising thing, these men don’t even know these little things they do are attractive
Let’s get right into this list.

  • Rolling a buttoned-up shirt to the elbows.
  • The “soft eyes” look.
  • Dressing well, to be specific, wearing a nice hoodie.
  • Offering your jacket.
  • Wearing a Plain Black T-shirt.
  • Doing Something Romantic Without Being Told.
  • Wrapping Your Arms Around Her.
  • Holding Meaningful Conversations With Her
  • Cooking: Women find it super attractive when their men cook.
  • Being Their Own Man: Women love it when men know how to put their shit together, to be honest, that’s quite admirable.

Here are 10 things men do that women find super attractive, most women don’t make this known, but you stand a chance in winning a woman’s heart if you do one or more of these things.

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