10 Things Only Nigerian Parents Can Do

A lot of things school didn’t teach me, My Nigerian Parents did, and their “COMMON SENSE” as they always call it, which they instilled in me through diverse ways( I’m sure you know those ways) have paved a way for me and has still got me living in my father’s house thankfully??. All hail Nigerian Parents.

So guys today, I’ll be giving you guys 10 things only Nigerian Parents can do, and now this doesn’t vary among tribes. So, don’t go saying “It’s just for Yoruba people” . It’s for all tribes as long as you are a Nigerian. Just relax and keep reading, I’m sure you will relate to at least one.

  • Only Nigerian Parents will make you never trust any container: I don’t know if it’s only in my house, that you will open the fridge and see ice-cream container, and when you open it, its Egusi that’s inside. Sprite bottle you will see Agbo inside. God help me, these days I don’t even open again, when I see it, I’ll just close the fridge and hiss.
  • Response Issues: Nigerian Parents will ask you a question and demand a response, when you respond, you are in trouble, but you just told me to talk and now I’m talking, you are telling me to shut up. What do Nigerian Parents actually want?
  • Wearing your Older Siblings Cloth: If you are not a 1st born, then you can relate to this. You always get to wear your Older Siblings hand-me-downs. It was like a tradition we all had to follow.
  • Left-hand Problems: It is funny, how I was left handed before, but numerous slaps and insults, turned me right handed. I usually ate with my left hand, till date I still sweep with my left hand. For them, It’s a taboo for you to use your left hand to either collect anything or give anything to an adult, and for us that have coconut head and we no dey hear word, we know what we faced.
  • The Issue of Television: You can never change the channel when your Father is watching News, even if he is sleeping, he will not still let you change the channel. Why, Am I the only one please, so I’ll know, cause this really happens a lot. I’ll legit see him sleeping and snoring and still can’t change the channel cause he won’t let me.
  • Nigerian Parents can never be wrong: They hardly admit they are wrong. The Children are always the wrong ones. They also find it hard to say sorry. “I LOVE YOU” why do Nigerian Fathers find this hard to say this.
  • Comparison: Mothers do this a lot. They compare you to the “All good neighbour next door” like why? It gets so annoying cause no child enjoys being compared.
  • It’s our Wedding: The married ones in the house can relate, Your Wedding is not your Wedding, especially if you are a lady. It’s actually your Parents day. It’s their day to shine. They are pretty much excited about it, than you are.
  • The Regular One: You know this already, but I’m sure you’ve been waiting for me to point it out. Only Nigerian Parents will call you from Upstairs to come downstairs and pass them the remote or their phone, that is not far from them, like Why? Why? I really don’t know the answer to this question yet. If you know please tell me down on the comment section below.
  • Unnecessary Questions: I start watching a movie and my mom comes in yeah, she sits down, two minutes after, she starts asking me ” What’s going on? What are they doing? Is this a movie? Is this not that girl in yesterday’s movie?” Like for real, I don’t know, we are both watching the same movie, I’m just trying to enjoy this movie, like why the unnecessary questions. Why?

If you can’t relate to any of this, then I don’t know what to say, but if you can relate to any or all of this, then you are on the right track. You just need to do something for me, rate this post, drop a comment( Especially if you know of any I didn’t mention, drop it below and I’ll be glad to see it) and kindly share on all your social media platforms. If you read to this point, I love you so much and remember you are doing well.

10 thoughts on “10 Things Only Nigerian Parents Can Do

  1. It good…..to know what our parents can do to Thier children and what we will do to our children too….Lmao

  2. I’m glad you loved it guys, please let’s keep sharing on all our social media platforms…so other people get to see it…Thanks guys…you all are the best

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