In a world where we all aim at being the best version of ourselves, there are certain qualities we should possess and reflect irrespective of our differences.

Be Kind to others no one is having it easy.

Be confident in yourself. There is no better version of you.

Be happy, for life is too fickle to spend your days sulking.


Be cheerful, this gloomy world needs that energy.

Be content and love yours. There is always going to be someone out there who might appear to be having it better than you. Without contentment, you won’t find happiness.

Be with who you love. Life is too short to spend it devoid of those you love.

Be ambitious. Dream big and aim for the sky, for you have all it takes to get to the zenith of your goals.

Be successful. Our flesh shall wither but our deeds shall keep our name forever and ever. Therefore, be successful and make an impact.

Be brave. You will need bravery to dare to dream and chase your dream, because life is filled with hurdles, and only the brave can overcome them. You can’t achieve anything in life as a scardy-cat. Be brave!

Be wise! People trample on the unwise and use their ignorance against them. So in all, you do apply wisdom.

Be You! Never go through life trying to be an imitation of another person. You were created as an original, an original you should remain. You will never know how great you are until you wholeheartedly accept to be you.

Be strong-willed! Do not go through life being a pushover. Have a mind of your own and be strong-willed. The opinions of others should never determine your actions.

Be understanding. Do not be rigid. Show understanding of the plight of others and aid them in this journey of life.

Be skillful. Learn and master a skill or two With the right skills you will know no hunger or poverty.

Be diligent, reliable and hardworking. With these three qualities, lines will fall in pleasant places for you.

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