The girls have been abducted by the terrorist group since 2014.

Two of the abducted Chibok girls, Hauwa Mutah and Esther Markus have surprisingly escaped from the stronghold of their Boko Haram abductors in Sambisa Forest.

As posted by the Pulse News, the two girls managed to escape on Sunday, April 2023 after a military crackdown of the area.

It was revealed that one of the escapees hails from Chibok while the other hails from Dzilang village.

Their escape however means that two of the remaining 98 abducted chibok have escaped, which means 96 remain abducted by the terrorist group.


The news follows a recent report by Colonel Obinna Ezuipke, which stated that 178 of the 276 abducted Chibok girls have been freed or rescued since 2014, with 98 still being held by terrorist.

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