20 Psychological Facts about Love.

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In a relationship? In love? Or maybe just interested in more knowledge…

Here are 20 psychological facts about love you should know about.

1. A crush lasts a maximum of four months. If it is more, then you are in love.


2. The silence takes about 4 seconds to become awkward.

3. 64% of people change their look after a breakup.

4. It takes a typical person 17 months and 26 days to get more than one X.

5. Girls who trust their fathers have better communication and trust with their boyfriends.

6. Women feel loved while talking face to face. Men feel loved while talking to the side.

7. 2 out of 5 women suffer from anthophobia, fear of never getting loved.

8. Men have more opportunities to attract a woman if she wears blue.

9. 80% of Americans say they will marry the same woman if they have to do it again.

10. Cuddling triggers a reaction similar to taking pain killers in the brain.

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11. Mimicry is a gust of attraction. Try to imitate the gestures of your crush, this should make them feel connected.

12. If you have a fight with your partner and cannot control your emotions, brush your teeth with the wrong hand. This will force your brain to function differently and your self-control will improve.

13. Although they refuse to believe it, men enjoy cuddling as much as women. I thought that.

14. A man is likely to have a woman’s phone number if he is with a dog.

15. When a person is in a room full of those people, he will point his belly button towards the person he is most attracted to.

16. When a woman walks into a room, she is considered more attractive if she turns her eyes directly to a certain male.

17. Tilting your head to the right and up slightly makes you look more attractive.

18. Men underestimate the interest of women in them and women underestimate the interest of men in them.

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19. More than half of people who believe in love, at first sight, have already experienced it.

20. Humor is associated with honesty and smartness, which is why women are more attracted to men who have a good sense of humor.

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