2020: Expectations Vs Reality

So far, We can’t say 2020 has been the year we thought it was going to be, and it hurts cause it’s the start of a new decade where most of our friends, colleagues, family even enemies enter into the real phase of their lives, where decisions we take will either make us or ruin us, where friendships we held on tight to will start fading away and where we get to realize that all we have is ourselves.

“2-0-2-0” the most hyped year so far with the whole vision 2020 and all which many had great expectations for but came with a shocking reality and now we all live in lock-down and a large number of people’s expectation have been cut short.

Expectation from 2020

Expectations differ within individuals. We all expected 2020 to be blissful,successful, for goals set down to be achieved. Students in examination classes looking forward to their external exams. Lovers planning on getting married early this year. A large number of people graduating into the next phase of their lives, and most especially “YOU”, yes you reading. I’m sure you also had an expectation from 2020

Reality of 2020

The year “2020” so far have brought about shocking events from the death of the NBA legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter to the rapid spread of the corona-virus pandemic resulting to the death of more than hundreds of thousand worldwide causing a global lock-down

Our mode of greeting has changed. Our mode of lifestyle has changed. our mode of prayer has changed as a result of all this. We pray that the remaining months of the year be better than the previous ones and we get to witness it. and please remember to always “STAY SAFE”


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