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NEWS - Politics - February 2, 2022

2023 Elections: Nigerians Offer to Crowdfund Peter Obi’s Presidential Aspirations


If you are a close observer of the Nigerian political space on social media, you would have observed that Peter Obi is one of the people’s favourites.

Jubilation flooded the streets of Twitter after the former governor of Anambra State declared his intentions of contesting for the 2023 Presidential election.

However, his will to contest is somewhat dependent on if the People Democratic Party (PDP) zones the ticket to the south. Nevertheless, if that is not obtainable his next line of action will be made public.

See his tweet below:


Nigerians Reaction to Peter Obi’s Presidential Aspiration

While it is still unclear under which banner Peter Obi will contest for the 2023 elections, people are already suggesting crowdfunding his campaign.

Via tweets, some Nigerians have openly declared they will donate funds to support Mr Peter Obi’s presidential ambitions.

Below are some of the tweets of Nigerians ready to donate towards the Peter Obi’s election campaign.

Beyond money, people have pledged to freely and wholeheartedly support Peter Obi’s campaign in numerous ways. 

Like a good product that doesn’t have to invest heavily in advertising campaigns, Peter Obi is getting massive and free PR. 

Nowadays, his name graces the Twitter trend table quite often. Once again he is currently trending as different individuals keep tweeting about how he is the perfect man to rule Nigeria.


Various politicians are declaring their interest but at the moment, Peter Obi seems to be genuinely loved and wanted especially by the young and enlightened youths on social media.

Well, people often argue that social media isn’t real life. Nevertheless, the strength of social media was shown during the Endsars protests. Therefore, will the massive support of Peter Obi on social media reflect on the polls during the elections? Frankly, only time will tell. 

Still, for the first time in forever, Nigerians have so much faith in the capability of a politician that they are suggesting the idea of crowdfunding his political aspirations. 


Just in case you have no idea what sort of man Peter Obi is, kindly watch this speech he rendered in the past.

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