10 months! No be beans my guys. Oya if you read consistently through the 10 months, raise your hands. (Room’s as silent as a graveyard; the distant hooting of an owl can be heard). Yeah, I guessed right­—no one.

We went home, acquired skills, improved ourselves, ran businesses and all but forgot that we are students. Now, exams are about five weeks away and you’re wondering, “I don’t seem to like academics anymore. Is there any way to regain my love for it?”

If you’re that person, this is for you. Stay with me.

1. Find your Drive.

Remember those times that you were “hot” for your studies. You didn’t waste time picking your books and studying. You went over your lectures almost every day. You burnt midnight candles. And you aced your exams. Remember those wonderful feelings of excelling, and being at the top of your game? You can bring it back.


But you need to find your drive. In truth, we all have different drives. Yours may not be mine. For example, your own could be that you aspire to go into the education line, and you need nothing less than a first class, or that you hate anything that has “mediocrity” in it. It could even be that your parents would kill you if you come home with anything less than distinctions.

Whatever it is, find it, and you’re halfway there.

2. Create a Routine.

Habits die hard guys. I know a lady that has a mother that forces her to read every day from 7-10pm. Initially, (what am I talking about?) even till now, she complains that her mum is being wicked, this one, that one… But with matters like this (involving parents), we know that they ultimately work out for our good. Now, hardly a day passes without her reading at least 3 hours.

This can be your story too; you just have to make the decision to do it. I particularly find To-Do lists very helpful. The night before, or very early in the morning, compile a list of all you want to achieve. Few feelings beat that of crossing an item off a To-Do list. Anyhow, make sure you create a stable routine for your academics.

3. Be Disciplined.

Imagine this, you have the drive, and it forces you to go to class to read. You’re hyped up. Finally, you’re going to cover as much as possible. You’re going to be focused and goal-driven. This semester is a blast! As you enter the class, sit, set up your materials, you hear something. It’s a beep…from your phone.

Oh well, maybe it’s important information, you think. You open social media. See what the beep is about. From there, something else catches your attention. Before you know it, you’ve spent an hour on your phone. You see the time and you’re demoralized. Your morale is low. And you think today is another wasted day. You pack up your books after few minutes and tell yourself tomorrow would be better.

Where’d it start? Indiscipline. Tbh, no one knows the source of your distractions. They could be friends, your phone, movies, even your laptop. You know them. Keep them away from your study time. Be disciplined. Your study time is not even up to the quarter of your day.

There you have it, find your drive, create a routine and be disciplined. Next thing you know, you’re saying hello to As.

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