5 Abilities Strict Parents Give Their Children.

 5 Abilities Strict Parents Give Their Children.
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Strict parenting is what most young people face nowadays because it is generally believed that they are rebels and that they deserve times two of the normal parenting and no, it’s not in the good way.

This is particularly common in Africa and among blacks in general. However, some white people aren’t excluded from this as well. Now, nobody loves to be bossed around rudely and be told what to do. Not having adequate freedom to do what you want to do can be really annoying so you can understand the pain of those under strict parenting.

So what happened is these guys have found different ways to put up with the attitude of their parents. Yes, strict parenting provokes the children to have skills to deal with their parents. So here you go, here are 5 abilities strict parents give their children.

  1. Lying skills: Children with strict parents are forced to become very good at lying so as to have their way at some things they consider important.
  2. Super reflexes: Children with strict parents have overtime been beaten and been stoned various kinds of materials. This has made them sharper and so they can dodge an attack from their parents without even looking.
  3. Saving skills: Most children that have strict parents know this very well. There are times where you aren’t given money because of your bad behavior or because they feel like they are wasting too much money on you. This makes children like this and saving, good buddies. They make sure they use any money they get very well and keep a part if it for a time when they might eventually need it.
  4. Intelligence: Children with strict parents are highly intelligent. They can tell when they are being lied to. They know how to cope with disappointments and they know how to keep themselves happy.
  5. Acting skills: These children are such good actors because over time they have learnt not to be caught lacking. From fake sleep when they are using their phones and they hear footsteps to fake sickness when they are called to do work.

Can you relate to any of these? Please feel free to drop a comment if you can relate or on anyone that you know that isn’t in this post.

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