Yes, I guess you can tell it’s here again, harmattan season. Now no one loves harmattan, but then is something we have to deal with.

We know this season comes with so much cold, but more than that, it comes with flaky and dry skin as well as cracked lips. Having this could save you from all these, this harmattan.
This list will be very handy, so be sure to take note of it.

  • Water

This is very essential to life, as dehydration is one of the effects of this weather, and you will be doing your health a very good thing by taking a bottle filled with water, everywhere you go.

  • Body Moisturizer:

There is every chance your skin will get dry during this season and look chapped. Here is where your body moisturizer comes to play, to keep your skin hydrated and healthy at all times. Be picky about your body moisturizer, don’t go for the irritable one.

  • Cardigan and Socks:
Who said you can’t look good during harmattan?

This weather comes with a lot of cold, so always put on a jacket/cardigan/socks at all times, to keep yourself warm.

  • Lip balm:

Now, this is not gender-biased. To prevent your lip from getting dry and chapped, always put on a lip balm at all times.

  • Sun Glasses:

Not only is this safe, but it’s also fashionable. Whenever you are out, be sure to wear your sunglasses, to keep your eyes from dust.


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