5 Nigerian Meals You Can Prepare With Just N200

Cooking can be really tough and annoying especially when you don’t have enough money to cook what you have in mind.

Remember in 2017, when a question trended on Twitter “With N200, which food can you prepare to satisfy your partner?” there was a whole lot of answers, which I thought was unrealistic, but it wasn’t, especially, if you know how to get your way in the market

So I decided to share with you guys this amazing trick on how you could use N200 to cook a nice meal. Let me begin knowing fully well you have oil and garri, rice or yam at home.

Note: You must be someone that can price when buying things in the market, if not, this isn’t for you.

1) Stew: Want to make stew, but you just have N200, worry no more. You could make your stew by getting these
N150- Tomatoes and Pepper
N50- 1 egg
You are good to go

2) Okro Soup: You have garri at home, but you are tired of taking the usual, you want to spice things up by taking it with Okra Soup, but you are worried cause you got N200, well we got you covered.
N50: Locust Beans
N100: Okra
N50: Pepper
It goes well, even with no meat.

3) Efo-Riro: You are craving some Efo-Riro but you ain’t got much cash at hand, Don’t worry, with just N200, you could prepare some Efo-Riro
3 bunch of Vegetable – N100
Pepper- N5O
Smoked Fish- N50

4) Yam and Egg: So I believe, you have yam at home, but you don’t want to the usual, some fried egg won’t be bad, but you just have N200. Why not try this
Tomatoes And Pepper- N100
Egg- N100
Boil some Yam and fry some eggs to go with it.

5) Ogbono Soup: Surprised? Don’t be. With just N200 you could make Ogbono Soup and try it out with Pounded Yam or Eba, whichever goes.
N100 -Ogbono Seeds
N50- Pepper
N50-Ugu leave

When you go to the market with N200, you act differently, laslas, you will get insulted on your way out of the market, but it was all worth it. If after bargaining, they don’t agree, walk away, they will call you back, no be Nigeria we dey. Everybody dey hustle. Yes, If you want orishirishi inside your food please settle for less. Big Crayfish and Egg is suitable for you.Don’t give yourself too much hope that your food would come out like the one in the picture, E no fit. You can’t expect much with N200.

I hope this was helpful, well you can’t tell unless you try it. Remember there are some certain things you need to have at home, but just incase you don’t have anything at all. You could really say the last part of the National Pledge, it will be really helpful.

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