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5 reasons why celebrity fashion brands do not last


A number of actresses have fashion brands but save for one or two very few of them experience any lasting success in the fashion world.

The attempts are almost as feeble as when they dabble into music. Why is this so?

1. Lack of patience and consistency
Fame and notoriety might be deceiving. A lot of followers on Instagram doesn’t mean people will automatically buy the clothes you put out.

If you are consistent over time, you become a brand name, but most celebrities relent after the first sale. It is a common saying that Rome is not built in a day.

Fashion brands in other parts of the world are more than 100 years old and pass from generation to generation. The goal should be to build a solid business from the ground up and not a fleeting corner shop.

2. Poor quality
The internet is becoming a vast marketplace and if you have gorgeous quality designs and clothes be assured that people will patronise the brand.

A good example is ‘Era by DJ Zinhle’ fashion accessories. They sell quality items and that brings in a lot of sales.

3. Poor marketing
Marketing is important in any business. Celebrities must market the clothes, shoes, or bags as if they were not. It is still a start-up, and they need to market it aggressively until you break even.

4. They do not have a good team
Celebrities need to have an excellent design, tailoring, marketing, and social media team. It is a painstaking duty to have a fashion brand and there are many processes involved.

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It requires your time, focus and a great and effective team behind you. Recruit only the best and pay them well.

5. The prices are outrageous
Most popular designers do not make clothes for the average South Africans. Their clothes are expensive and sometimes in dollars.

If your prices are way up, then know it is for a niche and not for everyone.

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