It was all tears and humiliation for Barcelona fans after the ‘Epic and historic” defeat of 8-2, at the hands of Bayern Munich on Friday, August 14th in UEFA Champions league.

Barcelona Football Star, Lionel Messi has left his fans wondering what his next step will be, after being defeated by Bayern Munich on Friday’s night game in the UEFA Champions League. The Argentine was caught by camera in the dressing room, looking very depressed and helpless, after the first half of the game.

Avid football fans including Supporters of Barcelona club have reacted on Social Media after Barcelona’s defeat. Many fans have also come out on Social Media asking the same question, “WILL LIONEL MESSI RETIRE?

Well, the answer to this question can only be given by Lionel Messi himself, but while we wait for his response, here are some of the reasons why the Argentine may retire …

1. DELAY IN SIGNING CONTRACT RENEWAL. Lionel Messi is yet to sign a contract renewal with Barcelona, and this contract comes to an end next year, this has left many fans wondering including Rio Ferdinard, whether this is a sign of the end of his time in Barcelona Club. “The question is what is Messi thinking?, What is he thinking going home tonight? ” Rio said on BT sport.

2. MESSI’S LACK OF PATIENCE. Barcelona faced total humiliation and disgrace after Friday’s UEFA Game, which has shattered the Pride and Prestige that Lionel Messi had helped the club attain all these years. Lionel Messi, who is 33years old , may not have the patience to start building the club from the scratch. He may also not have the power to influence any game again the way he did before the ‘Total Thrashing’ at the hands of Bayern Munich, on Friday.

3. BARCELONA’S OVER-DEPENDENCE ON MESSI. Lionel Messi, who is the strongest player in his team, does not have other talented/strong players supporting him. Football Stars who were once with him such as, Iniesta, Xavi and Puyol to hold defence, are not there in the club anymore. This makes his teammates rely solely on him, and look up to him as “the only hope of winning’,. The Lacklustre behavior of his teammates is definitely among the reasons why Barcelona has been unable to win the Champions League Cup since 2015. This has increased Messi’s frustration and may lead to his retirement too.

4. THE TIME SPENT ON TRAINING. The inevitable overhaul, which is now unavoidable for the Barcelona players at Camp Nou, is also on Lionel Messi’s mind. At 33, Is Messi willing to be a part of this again?, Is he willing to spend time there again?,In these next two years how will he gain his power back to influence games?.

5. BARCELONA’S POOR STRUCTURE. Messi may also retire, if no big changes are made in the club. It is undeniable that new blood must come into the club, as Messi can’t do everything on his own. Although, the Football Star, has done very well, with 21 assists and 25 goals in his 33 La Liga appearances, but this does not change the fact that Barca needs more good players other than Messi for a better change.

Lionel Messi’s retirement, will surely bring tears to many fans. But for the reasons above, it might just be better for the Argentine to quit, and spend the remaining twilight of his career competing for bigger titles.

Or what do you think? Feel free to join the discussion by leaving your comments in the comment section below.


  1. If he should leave Barca I don’t know which club he would go to that he would succeed
    You see why I only have one Goat and his name starts from R?

  2. I hope Messi can leave for another club because he has been carrying the club for long and his teammates are not turning up.
    And the over reliance on him is causing a crumble in his career

    1. lol..??James you are too straightforward …..chai..I’m sure you’re not a Messi fan

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