Cheating has become a common term in the relationship world now and I bet you will agree with me that men are more likely to cheat on their partners than women are.

Everyone always seems to wonder why men cheat, and by everyone, I mean the other gender. A lot of times, men don’t even have the answers to this question, and even when they do, it doesn’t just make any sense to the women.

I believe there is a reason why men cheat, I mean they don’t just wake up and say ” You know what, I want to cheat on my spouse today” so definitely there is a reason
Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why men cheat.

  • His needs are not met: I’m not talking sexual needs alone, I’m talking basic needs, it could be as little as a calling, and he feels some random girl always call, and is always available, while his partner doesn’t, so there is a chance he will cheat as a result of that.
  • Depression: A lot of times when men are depressed or heartbroken for some reasons that are in line with the relationship, they tend to cheat, cause they feel that way will help them get over it, but it worsens it.
  • An Ex shows up: There is this saying, feelings never die. A lot of times when the relationship begins to wax cold, we forget there was once a good time, and it’s worse when an ex shows up from nowhere, there is this spark it brings, and a lot of men just give in to it, and they “CHEAT”.
  • They are fed up: Now the only thing in their mind is leaving the relationship, and they will find any reason to do so, and nothing seems perfect than cheating, but for those whose relationship goes with the slogan ” We Die Here” even if you cheat, you ain’t leaving that relationship.
  • It is a way of life: Now this doesn’t apply to everyone, but to some, they believe cheating is a natural occurrence and they just feel why not let nature do its thing, so this set of people cheat in every of their relationship.

Despite all this, some women don’t still agree these are valid reasons for men to cheat, well you have every right to make use of the comment section, be you male or female, and join the discussion.


Let me leave you with this, A man once said the reason why men cheat is that the character they want in a woman is not in the body of the woman they want, so they cheat on the woman whose character they admire with the woman whose body they admire. Is that justifiable though? Let me know in the comment section, don’t forget to share.

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