This is a sequel to the post “People Ghost, But Is It Normal?“. I did my research and I found out, women fall victim to ghosting than men, and I’m not just looking from the relationship aspect, I’m looking from all aspects of life. Men tend to ghost more than women.

Without taking much of your time, let me tell you the 5 reasons why men ghost. So, just in case you’ve ever been ghosted or you are being ghosted at the moment, you will know it’s because of 1 or more Of these reasons.

  1. Immaturity: Breakup is not an easy thing, and not everyone knows how to handle it, and some guys fall among this set of people, so rather than break up, any red flag gives them a license to ghost.
  2. No Commitment: He is not ready to commit, you both always have a good time, always keep each other company, but the fear of committing, makes him ghost you, not everyone knows how to express themselves, so rather than talk it out, you get ghosted.
  3. Personal Issues: Everyone has issues that pertain to themselves, and these men even after solving other people’s problem, they come home and drown in depression over their problem. Whenever anyone(a woman in this case) tries to help carry the burden, that man finds it hard to rely on her, with the ” I’m a man” thing. “I can sort my issues out” and if the woman keeps insisting, ghosting comes in.
  4. Frustration: At first, everything seems all good and fine, but later on, the hidden side of the other party starts to reveal. This drives men into frustration, most especially when it’s been talked about and nothing is changing. Ghosting is their perfect option.
  5. Fears: Be it fear of rejection, or fear of a rough childhood, fear from previous relationships. Whatever fear it is, if not rightly overcomed, can make a man ghost you.

Now Ghosting is the era we live in now, and it seems to be a normal thing, which shouldn’t be. Anyone who has ever been ghosted would be able to express the amount of guilt they felt, and how it got them thinking if they were wrong in any way.

Whoever is going through the pain of being ghosted by any man, please don’t beat yourself about it, and stop wondering where you went wrong, most of the time it’s the other party.

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