Don’t be deceived by people who say “Love na scam” Love is a deep and beautiful feeling, and if you find it, please keep it.
It is one thing for two to love each other, it’s another for them to be soulmates. A lot of people believe there is nothing as such, but then there is. Is this person just your lover or your soulmate?
Here are 5 signs you’ve found your soulmate.

  • It becomes obvious to you: Except you want to deceive yourself, it’s noticeable to you that this person is quite different from everyone you’ve been with, there is this connection you have with this particular person, that you’ve never had with the past people you’ve dated.
  • You are empathetic towards them: Whenever your SO is happy, you are happy. He/she emotions always have something on you. You try to put yourself in their shoes and share in their happiness as well as their sadness.
  • They are your best friend: You are completely free and comfortable around them. You do the goofiest of things, whenever they are around you, and guess what you are not alone in this, they do the same as well.
  • Respect Is Reciprocated: A relationship can’t work without respect, so you both have to understand each other to know your boundaries. You have to respect each other feelings and respect each other decisions, in a case where your SO doesn’t, then he/she is not your soulmate.
  • You challenge each other: Your partner should strive to bring out the best in you, now you can’t change a person, but you can do things to bring out the best in the person. If your SO isn’t doing this, then I think you should rethink this whole soulmate thing, cause I doubt he/she is.

Having a soulmate is a beautiful thing, someone who understands your flaws and loves you regardless. You don’t find that anymore, so if you happen to find your soulmate, treasure them.

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