5 Things You Never Thought I Knew About You

Let’s start by acknowledging that there is an End SARS protest still going on, and I hope you join and support the movement in any way you can.
If I’m able to get more than three things about you, do drop a comment and share this post.

Let’s get right into this article
1) You are between the age range of 18 – 30: I believe if you are checking this post out, you fall under that age range.
2) You are Single: No offense, but you know I’m right. You are either single or married, and if you haven’t walked down the aisle, then you are single.
3) You are a human being: Silly me, what would you have been, an animal or a robot. Of course, you are a human being. You don’t belong to the “shemale” group.
4) You are a media supporter: What do I mean by this? It means you only support via social media. You fall under the category that don’t go out to protest but has their stories filled with #End SARS. Did not vote for Laycon but supported him on your WhatsApp status. “Awon ICON by the story”
5) You take your phone to the toilet: Oh you know I’m right, so unhygienic. You are probably reading this there.

Okay! Okay! I know I’m too much. Let me drop this last one. I’m not a magician but I can guess the last number in your mind now. Pick a number from 1- 100, that’s your number, multiply it by 5, multiply your answer by 3, whatever you get, divide it by your initial number, the number in your mind now is 15. Don’t go acting smart, if the number in your mind now is 15, kindly rate this post, drop a comment, and please share, thank you.
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