5 Things You Should Never Say To Your Crush.

There is always this temptation to talk to your crush, and when you do, it gets awkward, and sometimes you kinda mess it up, because it didn’t play out the way you imagined it to.

Well if you want to have a decent conversation with your crush, there are some things you should take note of and never say.

What are these things? Well, let’s find out;

  1. “Do you still have feelings for your ex”: The past should be left in the past, if he ain’t talking about it, then you don’t need to bring it up. He will tell you at his own time.
  2. “I loved the hoodie you wore last two weeks Thursday”: Woahh! If I were the one I’ll get pretty scared. How did he remember that? I don’t even remember that. It’s very normal for you to pay attention to every detail of your crush, but please don’t go being creepy, Whenever you compliment, make sure you are complimenting them for what they wore on that day or whatever they did that day.
  3. “You posted that on IG”: It’s clear you are stalking them on social media, but I mean, you don’t want to make that obvious right? So don’t you ever, and I mean ever say it.
  4. “I love you”: I always tell guys, before a lady can tell a man ” I love you” first and sincerely mean it, she summoned courage from the 4 ends of the world. That stuff isn’t appreciated these days, I know men say, they like it when women shoot their shot first, don’t be deceived, not all men know how to value that kind of stuff, and it’s s hard to tell which does an which doesn’t, so it’s advisable, not to say this.

A lot of people might not agree with me on the last point, but honestly, not everyone knows how to deal with rejection, and not everyone knows how to take “No” for an answer. Well if you are not among that kind of people, you can shoot your shot baby, your chances are high, and if they aren’t, you can pick yourself up good.

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