You see, the reality is that Ignorance is a Killer. Things will happen to you, people will take advantage of you, and opportunities will elude you—all because YOU DO NOT KNOW. That’s exactly why this piece is very important, to both you and your mental health. Here are 5 toxic habits that are sure to kill you, well, eventually. I even added ways to protect yourself. (PS. You’re welcome).


1. Expectations.

An expectation is more or less a demand, and the more you expect (demand) from others, the more disappointed you’ll be.

Your shield here is to be Empathetic. In other words, it is to be understanding of the thoughts, feelings, or emotional state of people. My dad would say to “forgive people in advance.” If a person disappoints you, save yourself the trauma of regretting—create excuses for them, why they would have done what they did. Overall, only you have the permission to determine how grave an offense is.

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2. Comparisons.

Envy is the fruit of comparison. It drains your energy, steals your joy, and represses your talents.

Your shield is to be Grateful. Be grateful for your talents, your personality, your physical appearance, your family. Because you’re special and there’s nobody in the world that can take your place. Besides, think about it, you’re better than millions of people out there. Be Grateful!

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3. Competition.

A twin brother of comparison, competition dilutes your personality. You have less to offer.

Your shield is to Be Uniquely You. Instead of competing with a person who’s probably not even aware that you’re waging an all-out war, why not focus on being who you are. If you’re competing, it’s because you’re not satisfied with yourself. Why not improve, then? Hone your character; sharpen your skills. Be You!

4. Assumptions.

Guessing what other people are thinking and why they’re acting a certain way will lead you down a dark, depressing rabbit hole.

Your shield is to be Humble. Chances are, you’re too proud to face the person head-on and demand explanations. Earth to You: Hope ya’ve not forgotten I still control Gravity. Worst-case scenario, the person will be rude or a total snub—then you’d have confirmed your suspicions. On the other hand, they’d be grateful that you came to them instead of just assuming. Remember; Assumption is still the least form of Knowledge.

5. Insecurity.

When you’re insecure of your greater purpose and uncertain about the talents you possess, you become insecure and unhappy.

Your shield is to be Self-Aware. Write a list of things you like about yourself. Begin to notice things you beat everybody. Start noting how special you handle situations that are different. Simply be aware of your strengths, personality, and disposition to life.

I sincerely hope this helps you live a better life. Don’t kill yourself before you actually die. Own these toxic habits before they give you a Knockout from Life.


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