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Health - Relationships - August 18, 2021

5 Traits of A Narcissist


Your partner is a narcissist, run from that relationship!

Being with a narcissist is misery personified. They crush your self-confidence just to boost their ego.

A narcissist is egomaniacal. Such a person needs therapy.

Narcissists are unfit for relationships. They are chronic gaslighters and manipulators.

The above are examples of remarks people render when they recognize certain traits in a person which they believe are tilted towards the qualities of a narcissist. 

Nevertheless, considering how being a narcissist is not a batch of honor, but a psychological problem that needs to be managed, it is vital that you know all the facts before branding anyone as such.

That being said, here is a simplified explanation of narcissism.

What is Narcissism? 

Narcissism is a personality disorder. Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a psychological problem. People with NPD need a psychological evaluation to manage the disorder. Narcissists are known for adversely affecting those they establish a relationship with. This includes family members, friends, partners, colleagues, and others.

Narcissists do not wear a branded tattoo on their faces so how do you spot one? Here are five traits of a narcissist.

Five Traits of A Narcissist

Blame Game; It is Never Their Fault.

A narcissist has a god complex, in which they feel superior to others. Narcissists are chronic manipulators and gaslighters. They can wiggle from unfavorable situations and leave you looking stupid. Even when they are obviously in the wrong, narcissists manipulate others into feeling guilty and apologizing in their stead.

If you date a narcissist, they are likely to crush your self-confidence and worth. You can catch your narcissistic partner cheating, and instead of taking responsibility, he/she is likely to guilt-trip you into thinking it was your shortcomings that pushed them into cheating. Narcissistic partners are usually emotionally abusive and great actors/actresses. 

They feel infallible, therefore, in their consciousness, they can do no wrong. A narcissist plays the victim card even after pulling the trigger.

A narcissist is egoistic and would rather blame every other person than being remorseful for a wrong committed.

Zero Regard for Other People

In the eyes of a narcissist, they are the best thing to happen to humanity since its inception. They feel they are above all and sundry and have little or no regard for the feelings of others. They lack empathy and possess a high tendency of exploiting people.

They cannot see past themselves as they are inherently selfish. Narcissists are incapable of placing themselves in the shoes of others,  and they care solely for their interest without minding whose toes they would have to crush to get what they want. They are poor team players and they bask in unhealthy competition. 

They thrive in a toxic environment. A narcissist boss will breed a toxic working environment. They are terrible listeners and cut people off during conversations. 

Narcissists are Extremely Proud

Narcissists are always tooting their horns. They love to sing their praises and enjoy when others praise them. Narcissists are drawn towards people pleasers who would constantly sing their praises and do their bidding without confronting them with their wrongs.

They are arrogant and have a way of masking their arrogance as simply being confident. Remember, they are not subtle when it concerns being manipulative, therefore, a narcissist will sell-off being defiant as being confident. They are usually braggarts that pretend to exude confidence.

Narcissists Have Unrealistic Expectations

A narcissist wants unwavering loyalty when they dish a pinch of the salt level of loyalty. They love to have their way and control the wheel of the lives of those they share a bond with. It is either their way or no other way.

When in a relationship with a narcissist, they tend to isolate you from all those you once shared a bond with. They expect way too much from others as they are usually entitled and do not handle rejection very well.

They are A Negative Influence

A narcissist has profound negative effects on people. They radiate negativity and as such adversely affect the lives of those around them.

They are no empaths and always want their way. They can ruin the lives of those closest to them to attain their aim. Accordingly, they leave people worse than when they met them. If you notice a person that tries to clasp your wings, flee!

Finally, narcissists are most times high achievers as they always seize opportunities to get what they want without fear or consideration for other people. They often look good, smell nice, and appear to be perfect until you get close to them. 

Once you notice any of the above traits kindly withdraw from such a person and advise them to get professional help.

Never allow how a narcissistic individual treated you to define who you are. 

Watch the video below to gain more insight into the traits of narcissists.


Video Credit: TED-Ed.

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