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Now as a woman, growing up, you’ve heard the topic “Hygiene” countless times. At home, in school, church, and other places.
Practicing good hygiene was always emphasized.

Today I won’t be giving you tips on random hygiene, rather I’ll be giving you 7 vaginal hygiene tips every woman should know.

Tips for Vaginal Hygiene

Vaginal hygiene is not a joke. Aside from being a matter of sexual appeal, keeping a healthy vagina is required to have a perfectly good day cause an itch or a burndown there can ruin that for you. Vaginal hygiene is important for every woman.
Let’s get right into the list;

  • Don’t delay changing your tampons/sanitary pads: If we are going to speak fact, menstruation is messy, and when not well taken care of, it can be unhygienic. Never wear the same sanitary pad for more than 4-6 hours. To avoid infections and maintain good hygiene, then you must change at the right time.
  • Wear cotton underwear: Opt for cotton undies anytime, because it’s more healthy, they soak up all the moisture down there and leave no foul odor.
  • Trim Your Pubic Hair: Trimming your pubic hair actually reduces the odor and your vagina stays clean during menstruation as well. A lot of women find this very gross especially during menstruation, so it’s advisable you do that before your period comes knocking.
  • Do not douche: “Douche” a French word meaning washing or soaking. It involves washing your nether regions with an acidic substance. This is a contraceptive measure, and this kind of contraceptive is a myth and it’s not advisable. Know your body, before using any care product.
  • Your diet matters a lot: It’s advisable to eat foods/fruits that will keep your vagina clean and healthy, such as; sweet potatoes, apples, avocados, pineapple, soy, cranberries.

Your vagina health matters a lot, so be sure to make use of these tips. Leave us a comment, we would love to know your thoughts, kindly rate and share this post to your friends and family.

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