If we want to be completely honest with ourselves, at one point we’ve slid into a Celebrity’s DM, with the hope that we will get his/her attention, but it turned out to be a fail, except for the lucky ones reading this, which I’m glad to be part of.

Let me give you this quick gist. I’ve happened to slide to a lot of Celebrity’s DM that I was a fan of, some snubbed me, and I told myself that I was never in my life going to try it again.

One fateful day, I don’t know what I ate that morning, I just decided to DM this actor, whose name I won’t give?, with the mindset of “he is not even going to respond” Weeks later, I turned on my data, and I got a reply from this actor, I screamed so loud, like someone who just won a lottery, but I think it was just God.

To cut the long story short, no we are not getting married, if that’s what you are thinking, but we became friends, and to a high extent, he has paved a way for me, and I’m forever grateful.

So with all these been said, I would be glad to share with you, how to get a celebrity’s attention.

  • Come with something Tangible: You can’t slide into a celebrity DM and be asking for money and hoping to get his attention, and even if you do, trust me, it won’t be the attention you want. So start by commending his talent, and tell him/her how much he has inspired you with his act.
  • Build Your Account: You see these celebrities, you always DM, they see you, they get every of your message, but what you don’t know, is they look up your account, and only on that basis will they choose if they would or would not reply. Only a few actors will reply without first looking up your account.
  • Always tag them: I believe this is the easiest way, to get their attention, I know a lot of people who are good at their field, but the reason why they haven’t gotten the recognition they want from a particular celebrity, is their inability to tag them at a post, Now I’m not saying, all celebrities are going to give you attention, just cause you tagged them in a post, but most will do, and it depends on what kind of post, you tagged them in. You don’t expect Wizkid to notice you tagged him on a post, that is just a picture of your family, but the case will be different if you had tagged him on a drawing you made of him, not only will he notice, he is most likely to repost if your work is incredible.
  • Don’t act vulnerable: The way fans harass celebrities on their DM is just appalling, Let me give you a scenario. Did you see a post, that trended about a girl, who was crazy about Cristiano Ronaldo, she kept messaging him countless times, praying he wins the world cup, future husband zoned him like it was so crazy. Some are even crazy to the extent that they will start sending thirsty messages to their DM Yea I get it, you are desperate for a reply, but please can you not show it, keep it to yourself and act formal, make use of the right approach and get a good result.
  • The Right Time Approach: You’ve probably heard that good thing happen when you are at the right place at the right time. Yeah? If you want the attention from your favorite celebrity, then stay tuned to his/her posts. Don’t go commenting on a post of 5 days ago, that has over a thousand comments. Always comment under a recent post, and don’t just comment out of proportion, let your comment be valid because a lot of celebrities are most likely to reply to a comment that just came up after they put up a post

These are five out of many things you can do to get a celebrity’s attention. These things come in handy, so be sure to use them. A lot of times, you get what you want, when you least expect, but always make an effort.
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