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2709 Updates - November 29, 2021

6 Effective Ways to Keep Snakes Out Of Your Toilet Bowl.


Ever since the news of the NAF officer who died after being bitten by a snake while using her toilet spread like wild fire across the whole country, Nigerians have been on toes searching for preventive measures to use to keep their toliets and homes free from snakes.

Checking toilets before using it may not be the first thing on a person’s mind, especially when they want to use the toilet badly, but this has become very necessary since awareness of snakes inside toilets bowls spread throughout the country.

6 Effective Ways to Keep Snakes Out Of Your Toilet Bowl

As necessary as it has become to always check your toilet bowls before using it, it is not enough to be completely safe from snake bites while using your toilets. There are other measures to take in order to ensure that you keep snakes out of your toilet bowls permanently!

As a result of this, 2709updates has compiled 6 Effective ways you can use to keep snakes out of toilet bowls.

1. Clean Your Environment

Most houses in Nigeria are usually surrounded with long grasses and small bushes, this is very dangerous as snakes tend to hide and build their homes under grasses and bushes. To prevent these snakes from gaining access to your toilet bowls, grasses and small bushes must be cleared completely to ensure that snakes have no nowhere to hide near your home.

2. Fumigate Your House Properly

Ensure you fumigate your house properly, this will help to keep snakes and other harmful reptiles away. Use snakes chemical repellants around the surrounding of the house, this will keep snakes out.

3. Block All Sources Of Snake Food

Another preventive measure to take to ensure that snakes stay away from your house and toilet bowls completely is to block all sources of food that they eat.

Snakes like eating smaller reptiles like rats, lizards, geckos e.t.c. If you are finding it difficult to keep rodents out, a very simple way to do so is through proper fumigation or you can get a cat to keep rodents like rats out of your house.

4. Install A Snake Prevention Box

The Snake box is the latest technology built to prevent snakes from gaining access into toiltes.

The snake is made up of dacrotized coated steel that makes it durable to use and prevent snakes firm entering into the toilet bowl.

People are advised to use this very easy and effective measure to prevent snakes from intruding their privacy while using the toilet.

5. Install Sieve Along With Sewer

Make sure to check the septic systems and drains properly. Hire a technician to install the snake grill or net, large enough to prevent the snake from crawling up the water which is an exit to the public drain, HomeGuru reports.

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