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Lifestyle - November 14, 2021

7 amazing health benefits of banana oil


Just finished eating your bananas? Don’t throw away those peels!

Have you heard of banana oil? Banana oil has a sugary aroma and has immense benefits to the skin and hair.

They include the following:

1. Treats dry skin: Banana oil can be used to restore back moisture to dry or flaky skin, as it helps to neutralize the pH level of the skin.


2. Acne and pimple: Acne and pimple can be treated and prevented with the use of banana oil as the oil kills the bacteria causing the pimple and prevents further formation.

3. Anti-aging: The use of banana oil helps in the regeneration of old cells and maintains the elasticity of the skin.

4. Moisturizer: Banana oil is a great moisturizer as the minerals and vitamins in it provide rich conditioning of the skin. For dry and chapped skin and skin allergies, it is best to apply banana oil on the affected parts and leave overnight.

5. Complexion: Regular use of banana oil can make age spots and blemishes diminish. It also prevents the production of the compound that causes skin pigmentation.

6. Skin infections: Skin problems like eczema and allergies can be treated with the use of this oil as it helps in fighting bacteria.

7. Dandruff: The rich content of vitamins B and C in banana oil can control the dryness and flakiness of the skin and conditions the scalp. This is possible because the oil controls the sebum production in the scalp and hence controls dandruff.
Hair nourishment: Regularly massaging the hair with banana oil nourishes the hair as it prevents hair breakage by making the hair roots string and promoting hair growth.

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