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Lifestyle - Relationships - November 2, 2021

7 Common First Date Mistakes Men Make.


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So now when it comes to first dates, not only do women make mistakes, men aren’t left out of the mistake zone as well.
So let’s get right to it, the 7 common first date mistakes men make.

Showing Up To The Venue Late: The first impression they say matters a lot. Now you coming late to your first date says a lot about you. How you don’t value time and how much you respect the lady. If you are going to be late, which you shouldn’t in the first place, you should call ahead of time and state it. Know that this is a turn-off for ladies, so quit the act if you do it.

  • Boasting: Women hate men that boast, you are just there, giving this woman 100 reasons to see why she shouldn’t be with you, and you feel she is impressed by your achievements. How sad.

Stay Glued To Your Phone: How do some men even do this? Honestly, I feel it’s even disrespectful to be on your phone when you are on a date, I stand corrected anyways. I’ve heard people give the excuse of “they are shy people” that’s why, but that’s not reason enough. It makes the lady feel like nothing.


Overly Serious: Hello, do I remind you, this is a first date, not a business conference. Relax, don’t be overly serious, be humorous, tell jokes, as long as they are not considered rude. Not the lady saying something to you, and you are like “Is life a joke to you?” It’s not that serious sir.

Not Indulging Your Partner In A Conversation: When you think you’ve seen it all, it turns out some men are just like this. They pay for the meal, they show up, and they just act like they are the only one there, and the lady looks invisible. That is bad, and no reason whatsoever can justify this act. Why ask for a date, if you are just gonna act numb all through?

Complain, Complain, Complain: Character is not hidden Yes, but must you show yours on the first date. You complain about the tiniest of detail. You pick up every single reason to complain. Some even go as far as fighting on the first date…..Ahh, on a top first date.

Showing Up Without A Plan: Now many guys do this, and they feel it’s just normal, is it though? Some guys even ask “so people plan what they do on first dates? just let it flow” That’s a mistake, a lot of guys don’t even know about. You need to have a plan in mind. You can’t be throwing conversations like “What do you want to do? I don’t know, What about you? I’m not quite sure?

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Ladies have a thing for saying “I don’t know” so you as a guy should have a plan, so your first date won’t end like “How did your date go? I don’t know”
What did I forget? Do let me know in the comments section below.

I’ve been meaning to ask, can we consider, a guy not paying for the meal on the first date as one of the mistakes guys make? Let us know as well.
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