First dates can be pretty fascinating, and it brings a lot of expectations. For women mostly, they want it to be excellent, so they try as much as possible to act all perfect, that they make so many mistakes they aren’t even aware of.

Remember your first date and how exciting it was, and how long you waited for that call that was promised, but it never came. You tried replaying the whole event in your head, thinking if you did something wrong. You probably taught maybe he’s just not into you, but then it happened with 3 other guys. It just can’t be their fault, let’s take a look at what you’ve been doing wrong.

  • Excess Complaint: A lot of women do this unconsciously. It’s either they are complaining about how bad the food taste, or how incompetent the staffs are, it’s one thing or the other. Come on, I get it, you be crazy, but please don’t show it off on the first date.
  • Talking About Past Relationships: Now first dates, have a lot to do with getting to know each other, so why you gonna be telling this guy about your ex or exes. I believe that’s a big turnoff. If he isn’t asking, quite telling.
  • Excess Questioning: Now the Why’s are too much in your conversation, you are not even letting him answer. You are like ” Why the red tie though? Do you have a thing with red? They say red is sexy, do you agree? Why did you even pick this restaurant? Oh wait, your dad owns this right? He is a known business mogul? I heard he has a case with the police, is that true?” I’m sure the questions are beginning to annoy you already, exactly, this is how some women sound on the first date, how irritating? Let one thing lead to another, give him a break, let him answer you as you ask, and don’t go digging into his past.
  • Acting Like His Mother: Can you leave the motherly duties for the mother, the person in question is a grown-ass man, he needs a woman in his life to assist him in getting his shit all together, not a bossy woman acting like a mother figure in his life. So don’t go telling him to eat what he doesn’t want to eat, or telling him to do what he doesn’t want to do. Come off it jor.
  • Paying No Attention: Now most women are more attached to their phones more than anything else, while some seem to focus on their phones whenever they are nervous. All I’m saying is on a first date, it’s safe to put your phone off for that period after you can get busy with your phones. Pay much attention to him.
  • Never Setting Boundaries: Always let people know their boundaries, so they’ll be put in check. You don’t set boundaries, but then you complain when someone disrespects you.
  • Never Paying For The Bills: A lot of women feel if they pay for the meal, it’s disrespectful on their part. Please get me clear on this cause I don’t understand. I feel your mindset is just messed up, for more on this point, check this post.

If you’ve been guilty of this, but you didn’t think it was a mistake, now you know. The men in the house, please feel free to tell us your bad first date experience, we will love to know, and also anything that wasn’t listed, that you think the women need to know that they do a lot when it comes to first dates, down in the comment section. Women, don’t worry, I got you, we will be doing part 2 of this, where the target will be the Men laughs

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