Hello Guys. I welcome you to another insightful post. Now how well do you know your kitchen? I don’t know how things work in your kitchen, but I’ve got some kitchen hacks for you. You may be familiar with some, while others might appear new to you.

‘s get right into these hacks.

  1. Cutting An Onions Without Shedding Tears: Now this is an obvious one, and I’m sure you may be wondering is this possible? Oh yes, it is. Now I’ve got 3 options for you. First, freeze your onions before chopping. Secondly, an interesting one, put a slice of bread in your mouth, partially sticking out, so it soaks up the irritant gas before it gets into your eyes.
  2. Have a bowl of lemons in your kitchen: Lemons do wonder even in the kitchen. Asides from the fact it adds flavor to your meal. It also helps to keep your kitchen looking clean and fresh. That’s not all, Do you know that lemons when applied to a burn, helps to recover your skin? So next time you go to the market, if you forget anything, don’t let it be lemons.
  3. How To Get Oil Completely Out Of Your Plastic Containers: The oil that remains in your container, even after washing with soap and water can be so frustrating. How do you get rid of it? By putting soap and water into the container, and settling a piece of white paper in it. Cover the container and shake, pour when done and your container is as clean as ever and clear of oil.
  4. Dealing With Hard To Open Jars: If you are struggling to open a stuck jar lid. Help yourself with a rubber band, wrap the lid and try again. If that doesn’t work, cover the jar lid with a kitchen towel and try again.
  5. Easy Removal Of Your Eggshell: It’s harder to remove your eggshell when hard-boiled. How do we solve this situation? Easy. By adding baking soda or vinegar to your water when boiling your egg.
  6. Peel Your Potato the Easy Way: Now you don’t need a potato peeler to peel off your potato. What do you do then? Boil your potato for a few minutes, then give it an ice bath(blanching) the skin comes right off, so you could just remove it out.
  7. Removing Eggshell Pieces: Now there is a high chance, that when you break your eggs, shells drop in. How do you remove these shells then? Wet your fingers, and dip them in to pick them out. Or, use half of the shell to scoop up broken bits.
  8. Here are 7 kitchen hacks, I believe you should know. Which of them are you definitely gonna try out? Let us know, and if you’ve got any kitchen hack that was not listed above, please share some knowledge with us.

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