Lagos is a city of hustlers, and 95% of what you heard about Lagos is true as well. If you reside or work in Lagos, then I bet you can relate with what I’m about to say. If not, then you are not a Lagosian, you are probably just bearing the title to feel among.

  • When you are stuck in traffic for more than 5 hours.

Kuku pami. If I have interview now, shey I have lose the job like that
  • When your neighbor has light but you don’t.

I’m just tired of the inequality in this nation. Osumi oo
  • Standing in the queue for over 30 minutes, just for the ATM to swallow your card, when it’s your turn.

Only God will save us in this country.
  • When you are left with the option of sitting in the place no one wants to seat in.

Shey me I will still pay complete money like this?
  • When you are buying a drink and the bus starts to move.

Driver, if this small boy carry my change go, na your money be that.
  • All those men that touch anyhow at Yaba Market.
  • When I’m trekking jejely, and people inside the bus are looking at me, like they are superior to me.

Na trek I trek, I no kill pesin.

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