I’m sure you enjoyed my last post on 7 Weird, Easy-to-Learn Skills that Are Super Useful. In case you didn’t see that, you should click on the link after you read this post. (Unless you don’t wanna learn how to pick a lock—not for stealing abeg, just in case you have a I-have to-poo-but-my-roommate-has-taken-the-key-away situation—or how to take the perfect selfie).

Anyways, I learnt from the comments that I should do a part two of that. (Told ya—I really read the comments!) So comment on our posts, please. It’s social proof and it means the world to us! Here we go:

1. Whistle With Your Fingers.

I’ve always wanted to learn this one. I remember those days that one uncle in the neighbourhood will use it to call his dog. I just resolved in my heart that I’d try it when I get home. Only for me to put the two fingers in my mouth and Wheeee—out came a breath of fresh air. (LMAO).

If you’re like me and have always wanted to be that person in a crowd that can get someone’s attention with an ear-piercing whistle—nothing’s stopping you!

2. Fold all your T-Shirts in 5 seconds. (Ikr).

Folding my tee shirts is always an agonizing task! (I wish I could put my agonizing emoji here.). Sometimes, you don’t just get it right. Other times, they’re not to your taste. Thank God for this. Now you can impress not only yourself, but also anyone that happens to walk by.

3. Tie a Tie.

Should I say it? Should I say it? (Thinking thinking thinking…) Oh whatever, here goes: Till now, I didn’t know how to tie ties. I always depend on my sister. (I know what you’re thinking and you deserve 600 years for that). Well, thank God for small mercies. Now, I can actually learn how to do it.

(I know you can’t do it well too—so you’d better check the video.)

4. Juggle Juggle Juggle.

I must say, ever since I tried it in primary four (It was primary four, wasn’t it? Oh well…) and I didn’t get it, I kinda musta lost interest in juggling. But hey! Thank God, there’s a God of second chances (LoL).

Don’t be scared—it’s actually easier than it looks, though. #wink

5. Speed Read.   

Okay okay. Imagine this with me: You’re the CEO of your own multinational—billion-dollar—company. But a severe competitor, who appears as your friend (they always do, right?) and craves your downfall, wants to make a deal. 

You meet, shake hands, and sit down. Then he (or she) presents his “deal” on paper. Because you don’t have the time (I mean; you’re a billionaire CEO, right?), you skip the terms and conditions and sign your liquidation. That’s just sad.

Meanwhile, you could have avoided this—if only you had some speed-reading skills. Don’t let one kurumujeje friend take advantage of you—watch this video!

6. Play a Harmonica.

Aw. I’ve always wanted to play one of those—and not sound like a goat that just got his ass spanked. Ah, primary school days. Brings back memories, no? (#sniffles). Anyhow, it’s not the piano, or guitar. But musical instrument is musical instrument. Lean to play a musical instrument todayyy!

7. Say the Alphabet in Reverse.

This last skill is weird, right? I mean, no teacher will ever ask you to say the alphabets anymore, not to talk of in reverse, no? Notwithstanding, a little knowledge never hurt anyone. Who knows? If an alien asks you to choose between eating a cockroach, and saying the alphabet in reverse, you’ll be on the safer side. #wink

Yayyy! We’ve come to the end of this mini-series. Who’s happy? What’s that I hear? I should do another one? Ha-Ha. For your mind. Better still, comment on a topic you’d like me to treat, and maybe, just maybe…

If you loved this, you’re guaranteed to love 7 Golden Rules of Communication You Should Totally Apply. It’s a classic! See you next time.


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