A Conversation Between Two Exes.

 A Conversation Between Two Exes.
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5 years after the breakup, Scar met Japheth in a Mall, at first she tried to look away, thinking he didn’t see her until he moved towards her and called her name smiling.
“Why is he smiling at me,” Scar thought, but she acted all surprised and hugged him.

They got talking, and after a few minutes, Japheth stopped the conversation, cause he was in a hurry, and they exchanged numbers with the intent of keeping in touch.

Five days passed, and Japheth asked Scar out for lunch, as they got talking, Scar found out Japheth is presently in a relationship, so serious that he is engaged to be married, while Scar has not progressed relationships wise.


Out of anxiety, she yelled, ” What is wrong with me? Why am I still single” Japheth tried to calm her down, but she wanted to hear the truth from Japheth where it all went wrong?
“I mean, our relationship was going all good, you loved me, I loved you, we were soul mates, why did it all have to end?” Jane said.

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Take note of what Japheth said
” There is nothing wrong with you, you are beautiful, you are intelligent, you are hardworking, that attracts a man, but what keeps a man is what you don’t have, and I loved you so much, that I wanted you to pick sense in all I was saying when we were still dating. I was hitting on some particular things that you didn’t take seriously”.
“What things are you talking about?” Scar asked.

When we were in a relationship,

  • I noticed you always put your needs first, not that it’s not important, but it was at the expense of mine.
  • I respect your style and the way you are comfortable in how you look, but I wasn’t comfortable myself, and due to that, I couldn’t take you to events. I told you about it, but you turned deaf years to it.
  • You always talked about your dreams, your aspirations, how you want to change the world when we were in the talking stage, but when we started dating, you forgot all that, and you stopped chasing your dreams, you relied solely on me.
  • You took me for granted countless times, I was patient, but I got tired.
  • Whenever you are wrong, you never apologized, and you kept saying the woman is always right, which I thought was true at first, but it was all a lie.
  • We never had honest conversations with one another, like what we are doing now, we never did it, when we were dating, and we weren’t able to talk about these things in the best way possible.
  • My fiancee introduced all this and so far it has helped our relationship, and I need you to take all this I said seriously in your next relationship, and keep me updated, cause I know you will see positive changes.”

” I would have never imagined Japheth would turn to a relationship expert. I thought you would regret breaking up with me, and you would come back begging, but look how the tables turned. Thank you”. Scar said

I hope you picked one or two things from this conversation, if you did, let me know in the comment section below, and if you want more of Japheth and Scar, do let me know as well

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