A Toast to the First of Many Anniversaries

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2709 Updates was born out of a burning desire to provide to the masses a media that is not limited to just the juicy stories that drive traffic, but one that is enthusiastic about creating meaningful contents that inspire and break the cycle of ignorance that has hampered both the physical and emotional development of many.

On the 21st of April 2020, we started our journey optimistic about thriving in an overly populated industry. Was it an easy ride? No, it was not. The bumps on the way were enough to throw us off. However, our convictions and the support of you all were fiercer than our fears and glitches. Therefore, we remained steadfast.

We stuck to our objectives and waited for the first visitor to our blog. Our first visitor came, and one year later, we are celebrating over 30,000 visitors and over 50,000 views on our blog. 50,000 might be far from the number of people we hope to reach with our contents, but we still wear this achievement with a smile. After all, 50,000 is more than the population of some countries.


Still committed to our goal of investing in meaningful content, we have successfully created over a thousand blog posts on our website. These over one thousand posts cut across various categories. We are your go-to media for authentic news and beautifully written articles on all facets of life.

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Our writers and content creators are not just solid in their pen game, they are interested in the impacts their posts will have on the lives of readers. Accordingly, each post is coined with the intent of adding value.

This past year has been filled with visible growth, thanks to you all, our dearest readers. Honestly, with you all by our side, we are confident we will keep soaring and by 2030 we will become a leading voice in Africa.

So Ladies and Gentlemen, lift your hearts in hearty cheers as we make a toast to the first of many anniversaries. Happy first anniversary to us all! Cheers!

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