Aisha Yesufu Addresses Refusal to Stand During Recitation of New National Anthem

Renowned activist, Aisha Yesufu speaks on the new national anthem following a video of her sitting while the anthem was recited at an event.

It would be recalled that the human rights activist was recently seen, sitting and refusing to stand up when a recitation of the new national anthem was going on.

In a video that surfaced online, a journalist interviewed her to get her opinion about the new anthem.

She noted that as far as she is concerned, there is no such thing as new and old National Anthem, as the only anthem she knows is the ‘Arise O Compatroits.’

The activist went on to berate politicians for being concerned about petty issues rather than more pressing ones such as the dwindling GDP, poor security, and mass exit of companies from Nigeria.

She maintained that she doesn’t acknowledge the ‘We Haill Thee’ anthem, and only knows ‘Arise O Compatriots.

Watch her speak below:

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