A woman has responded after comedian Alibaba called her out and blocked her for reporting him to his wife.

The woman had left a comment on Alibaba’s wife’s Instagram account.

The Instagram user told Alibaba’s wife, Mary Akpobome: “The way Alibaba jokes and frolics with women on his page, will he allow you flirt and frolic with men on your page as well? Whatever is good for the goose…. Does Steve Harvey joke and openly flirting with women on his IG page? No way… Trust me… There are areas that should be off limits.”

Alibaba saw the woman’s comment and posted a screenshot on his Instagram page to blast her.

He shared photos he took with other women in the entertainment industry and pointed out that these are things artistes have to do but some people do not have the “maturity ” to understand that due to the “capacity of  their exposure and education”.

He went on to call the woman a “fool” and asked what she hoped to achieve by going to report to his wife.

The woman responded with her “defense to his foolish comments”.

She left a post on LIB’s Instagram account, saying that there’s a difference between taking professional photos with women and flirting with them. She said Alibaba posted the professional photos he took with women “just to make him look like a saint in his half baked rebuttal.”

She accused him of flirting with women, “romantically holding them very closely”, and “calling them sugar mummy and sweet names”.

She said those are different from professional photos and that is where he should draw the line.

She went on to say that most married men in the entertainment industry who openly flirt with women will not take half of it from their wives.

See her response below.

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