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Health - November 10, 2021

All You Need To Know About Body Dysmorphic Disoder


Mental health is as real as any form of illness, and body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is one of many. 

Body dysmorphia is a mental health disorder whereby an individual cannot stop worrying about a perceived flaw or imperfection in their appearance.  Sometimes, the supposed flaw is minute or even invisible to others. However, a person suffering from body dysmorphic will be worked up over it and might become so embarrassed that they avoid social gatherings.

People with body dysmorphic are obsessed with their appearance. They often spend time glancing at the mirror looking at their body and are always seeking reassurance about their body. Their worries about the imperfections of their body incur stress to them and affect their performance in daily activities. 

Patients with body dysmorphic usually opt for several cosmetic surgery procedures to mend their perceived body flaws. Nevertheless, these various procedures only give them temporary satisfaction. After a while, they tend to find another flaw with their body and begin to obsess over that. In the end, they go under the knife several times and continuously strive for body perfection.


Signs of Body Dysmorphic

  • Extreme concern about perceived body flaws which as so minute others do not even notice them.
  • The firm belief is that there is a defect in your body that makes you ugly or distorted.
  • A strong conviction that people notice your flawed appearance thereby making you the object of their mockery.
  • Being so embarrassed by your body that you avoid social gatherings.
  • Seeking regular reassurance and validation on your appearance.
  • Regularly carrying out activities to fix your body image and perceived flaws. This includes behaviours such as repeatedly checking the mirror, skin picking and grooming.  
  • Have a perfectionist mindset as regard your body.
  • Steady comparing your looks to that of others.
  • Consciously try to hide your perceived body flaws through makeup or clothes.
  • Undergo domestic surgery to fix your defects yet you are never completely satisfied. 

How Unhealthy is Body Dysmorphic

Body dysmorphic is very unhealthy. Being obsessed with your body and often worrying about it can affect your performance in your workplace, school and daily life activities.

The time ought to spend on productive activities is consumed staring at the mirror and worrying over your looks. Sadly, some persons with body dysmorphic are extremely pretty in the eyes of others yet they don’t share that same sentiment.

A perfect example is Megan Fox who is arguably one of the prettiest women in Hollywood. Yet, the star disclosed that she suffers from body dysmorphic. 

Also, body dysmorphic can be suffered by both genders.

Common Body Features People With Body Dysmorphic Obsess About

  • Body size
  • Breast size
  • Genitalia
  • The appearance of one’s hair. Such as baldness or thinning
  • Wrinkles and lines
  • Tummy size and scars
  • Nose
  • The face
  • Skin complexion and visibility of the veins
  • Body build
  • Muscles
  • Body curves
  • The size of one’s Buttocks

Causes of Body Dysmorphic

Like most mental illnesses, the cause of body dysmorphic is unknown. However, this condition tends to start during one’s teenage age. 

Some factors that could trigger this condition include; negative experiences regarding your body image, family history of body dysmorphic, and brain abnormalities.


Handling Body Dysmorphic

Body dysmorphic is a major confidence killer. When people become excessively concerned and feel embarrassed about their looks it calls for concern.

There is no cure for body dysmorphic but it is best managed through

  • Behavioural therapy
  • Medications 

Furthermore, there is no known prevention of body dysmorphic. However, detection of the illness on time and seeking help is an advantage.



The effects of body dysmorphic should never be underestimated. This mental illness can lead to stress, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, lack of confidence and financial problems; because victims keep spending money on cosmetic surgery.

Finally, when next you see people undergoing regular cosmetic surgeries don’t be too quick to envy them. It might not be because they have excessive money. Rather, they might be suffering from body dysmorphic. Remember, even very rich and beautiful people suffer from body dysmorphic.

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