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Health - November 21, 2021

All You Need To Know About Mkpuru Mmiri: The Drug Razing Igbo Youths


Before 2021, the Igbo youths were mainly known for being highly industrious and relentless hustlers. Fast forward to today, many of them are toying with their sanity through consumption of Methamphetamine alias MKPURU MMIRI.

MKPURU MMIRI: The Bad Influence 

Presently, several communities in Igbo land are struggling with the aftermath of Methamphetamine consumption. A good number of Igbo youths are reported to be hooked on the drug and have nicknamed it Mkpuru Mmiri (meaning seed of water). 

Methamphetamine, alias Mkpuru Mmiri, ice or crystal meth is a strong and highly addictive drug. This harmful substance can lead to hallucinations and madness. In appearance, crystal meth looks like an ice block though sometimes it is blue.

Mkpuru Mmiri is one of the strongest addictive drugs.


Reports have it that more than half of its users in Igbo land have been adversely affected. The effects are so disastrous that several communities have formed different task forces to combat the usage of the drug. Also, sellers of this harmful substance are being banished. In addition, youths known for taking Mkpuru Mmiri were publicly flogged in some communities.

Observed Effects of MKPURU MMIRI 

Mkpuru Mmiri or crystal meth is highly addictive and difficult to quit. Many youths being hooked on the drug has increased crime rates. This is because addicts are willing to do anything to obtain cash just to buy crystal meth.

Also, according to reports, the drug makes its users violent, less remorseful and they eventually lose their sanity. Experiencing one’s child being addicted to a dangerous substance has not been easy for parents and several communities. Moreover, taking care of these youths after the adverse effects of the drug kick in has become a major burden.

Mkpuru Mmiri leads to severe health crises and even death.

How is Methamphetamine Made

According to the European Union Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EUfmd), Afghanistan is the number one country that produces Methamphetamine. Mexico is equally a top producer. Furthermore, methamphetamine is extracted from a drug known as ephedrine. 

Here in Nigeria, it is speculated that the drug was brought into the country from Mexico.


According to history, Methamphetamine was first developed in Japan in 1919. The drug was abused during World War II. Back then, it was given to pilots undergoing suicide missions known as “kamikaze.” When the war ended, the drug was used as a medication to control obesity and depression.

However, it was banned in the 1970s. The International Drug Control Conventions, categorised meth as Scheduled II. Drugs categorized as Scheduled II have a high chance of being abused and usage potentially leads to chronic psychological or physical dependence.

The Effects of Mkpuru Mmiri on The Body

The high derived from the usage of Mkpuru Mmiri fades off quite fast. Therefore users are prone to continuously seek the drug. Addicts end up not eating as they simply keep feeding themselves the drug for days.


Crystal meth has a strong negative effect on the human brain. The human brain has a natural chemical called dopamine. Methamphetamine raises the amount of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is involved in motivation, body movement and reinforcement of rewarding behaviours.

Methamphetamine is very addictive because it quickly discharges high levels of dopamine in reward areas of the brain. Therefore, users are prone to want to repeat t the experience. Quitting an addiction to meth is tough. 

Meth addiction is considered one of the most severe addictions. This is because there is no cure for it except through physical therapy. Therefore, the presence of the drug in Nigeria is extremely scary. The country does not have substantial physical therapy facilities.

According to research, even consuming methamphetamine in small quantities can cause similar adverse health consequences as taking amphetamines or cocaine.

Some effects of methamphetamine are:

  • Decreased Appetite
  • Increased physical activity and wakefulness
  • Rapid breathing
  • Unstable heartbeat 
  • High blood pressure 
  • High body temperature 
  • Prone to violence and no remorse 
  • Paranoia 
  • Hallucination
  • Meth Mouth

How is Mkpuru Mmiri Taken

The drug can be;

  • Smoked
  • Injected into the body after dissolving it in alcohol 
  • Swallowed as a pill
  • Taking in powder form
  • Dissolved in water and taken as a liquid 

The Nigerian Drug Agency and The Fight Against Mkpuru Mmiri

According to the agency, meth commonly keeps stoners awake, and deprive them of sleep. The usage and abuse of meth have serious negative health repercussions.

Also, NDLEA launched an Offensive Action campaign early this year. So far, the agency has discovered and destroyed no fewer than eighteen meth-producing laboratories in the country. Furthermore, the agency has seized a significant amount of the drug. 

The NDLEA are determined to eradicate the drug from the Nigerian space. 

How Bad is The Situation in Igbo Land

The situation is said to be critical as the drug is spreading like wildfire among the youth.

For instance, in Anambra State, the drug is now well known in places like Awka, Okija, Agukwu and lots more. To be real, Mkpuru Mmiri is lately very popular both in towns and villages.

In areas where the drug is common, violence and rape is on the high. The drug is said to increase the libido of users hence, the increase in rape.

Unfortunately, even women take this drug and the result for them is normally madness.

Mkpuru Mmiri is the new cancer of Igbo land. The Anambra State Government has described the situation as “Alarming.”

In reaction to the situation, the state Commissioner for Information and Public Enlightenment, Mr C Don Adinuba said;

“This extremely potent illegal drug is destroying our youths. The government is alarmed at its consequences which include serious health crisis that often leads to death. The state government is working together with the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, the police and community leaders, including traditional rulers, town union leaders and youth organizations to wipe out this new phenomenon. We shall also soon visit schools and youth organizations to spread the message of the dangers of this menace”.

Frankly, measures must be taken before it destroys the lives of more youths.

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