Analysis on the Constant Attack of Schools in the North

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During the Goodluck Jonathan administration, the Chibok girls kidnapped occurred in the north. Not too long ago, 300 boys were kidnapped from a secondary school in the north. They were later reported to have been returned. A few days ago, 300 secondary school girls were kidnapped in the same northern part of Nigeria. 


People have been crying to the government about the high rate of insecurity in the country, especially in the north. However, only a few are asking the most important question. Why is there a conscious attack on education in the north?

Boko Haram, the terrorist group that has immensely contributed to the deterioration of the north is believed to be against western education. Why? The weapons these terrorists use for their attacks are not local. If they can wield foreign ammunition, why are they against its education? Also, who are those sponsoring the attack on northern education, and what is the catch?

I believe a true revolution in Nigeria against constant bad governance can effectively occur when we all unite irrespective of our geopolitical zone, to fight our oppressors. However, this dream is being hindered by the high rate of mental slavery in the north, thanks to the lack of proper education by a good number of its populace. 


So far attempts to be emancipated from this mental slavery are steadily frustrated.

Ways Used in Hindering  Education in the North

Girl Child Marriage 

A good number of the girl children in northern Nigeria are given out to marriage in their teens, and they are soon overwhelmed with motherhood and as such stay largely uneducated. This is a sad fate many are condemned to. They know very little of governance, and their rights, therefore, they can scarcely demand good governance.

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The practice of Almajiri in the north has immensely contributed to poverty and illiteracy. Those who become Almajiri do not attend secular schools where they can receive a formal education. Instead, they are condemned to begging on the streets, and solely gaining Islamic knowledge. Such a cruel fate!

There is nothing wrong in wanting a child to be grounded in his faith, however, when this leads to the negation of formal education, especially in a world in which the future is technology, you are depriving that child a fair chance of becoming successful. 

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As a result of the fact they beg and receive alms from the street, they become dependent and loyal to those privileged members of the society that give them crumbs. Yes, crumbs, because they can get better in a sane society. Also, when the needs arise they become tools in the hands of these so-called elites to do their bidding. Like I earlier stated, this is a cruel fate!

My Thesis

I hope you are beginning to understand why there is an attack on education in the north. They need the people to remain largely uneducated so they can continue to rule over them, use them and satisfy them with crumbs.  

Frankly, if herdsmen were enlightened, they will not be living such a hard life of moving around with their livestock seeking greener pastures. Lack of proper education is the reason they still practice such a mediocre system of rearing animals that have led to numerous conflicts. 

With proper education, more people in the north will see the government for the disappointment they are, and they will no longer be tools in hands of the elites. They will demand good governance and would cease to vote in their usual herd mentality. 

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I think it is for this reason education is constantly attacked in the north. More people are beginning to send their children to secular schools, so they are scaring them by attacking these schools. After the latest attack in a school in Zamfara, many parents in the region are likely to become scared of sending their children to school. Those with children in schools might withdraw them due to fear of insecurity.

The more uneducated the region remains, the easy they are to control. Also, it makes it easy for the elites to blossom and become wealthier while a vast percentage of the populace continues to dwindle in poverty. 

If Aisha Yesufu was uneducated, she wouldn’t be fighting against bad governance today with so much valor. The elites that have ruled for years and led this country towards the end of a cliff do not want the breeding of such women and men. 

Finally, like I earlier stated, this is my thesis. My personal opinion I drew from my observation of the realities of this country.

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