Another Nollywood Star Leaves Her Marriage.

Lately, it is beginning to appear like forever is too long a time to love anyone as divorce cases are at an all-time high. When a celebrity gets married the world wonders just how long it would last as their marriages seem to crash very fast. 

The list of Nollywood actresses that have left their marriages over one issue or another is quite enormous. However, the latest Nollywood actress to announce that she is leaving her marriage is the screen goddess “Cha Cha Eke.” In the video, the beautiful actress looked like a shadow of her former blooming self. Frankly, it seems in order to fit into the role of a wife and mother the talented actress sacrificed her career on the altar of marriage. Though she kept acting, over the years we have seen less of her on our screens.

The ebony beauty whose real name is Charity Eke hails from Ebonyi state. She got married seven years ago and over the years she became a mother to three beautiful children. Though she mentioned she married her best friend, her acting career went on a decline. She acted less in movies and appeared to be concentrating more on her matrimonial home. Even her fashion sense evolved around motherhood and she was hardly in the news or involved in any scandal.

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Honestly, her marriage was one of the few celebrity marriages that appeared to be sailing smoothly. Earlier this year in June, she and her husband celebrated 7 years of being happily married. 

Her words were;

7 years ago when Tino asked me to be his wife, I laughed so hard and thought he was kidding. Well, 7 years and three children later, I’m still laughing and he clearly wasn’t kidding.”

In contrast to her anniversary of words, today she made a video about leaving her marriage and finally leaving with her life. She equally promises to later tell her story. However, people are speculating that she was a victim of domestic violence. It was quite heartbreaking seeing her in that state and having to share such heartbreaking information with the world. 

Normally when actresses leave their matrimonial homes their fans defend them, while the general public opinion sides with their husbands. This is because it is believed that these celebrities are unable to keep their homes due to the lifestyle that comes with their occupation. Is the assertion true or false? Well, we will never know. 

However, if Cha Cha was actually getting abused in her marriage I am glad she left and I hope she receives all the love needed to heal. Staying married is important, but being alive and happy is more important.

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