Are You A Boss or A Leader?

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The surest way to chaos is to make everyone in charge. When everybody is in charge, nobody is in charge. It is for this reason, humans for centuries always relinquish power into the hands of a few to rule over them. 

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When power is vested in the hands of any given person they are bound to take charge and perform their duties of overseeing others and ensuring goals are meant. However, people react to power differently. Some become leaders others become bosses.

It is easy to tread into the path of a boss because bossing people around is easier than leading them. It takes exceptional character to choose the lead. 

What Set A Leader Apart from A Boss

To be fair, both leaders and bosses do accomplish astonishing feats. However, the difference lies in their approach and how they treat those working under their supervision.

A leader does not limit his cares to simply getting the job done, and achieving milestones. Bosses think that way, not leaders. A leader wants to get the job done, but he also wants to see his team members flourish as the job is being done. 

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This piece shall discuss three things that set a leader apart from a boss.

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Team Spirit

Most bosses lack team spirit as they view themselves as being distinct from the team. A boss places himself on a pedestal and acts in that accord. 

A leader views himself as part of the team. He does not view himself as the team controller rather he sees himself as the engine of the team. He carries the team along and maintains team spirit.

Making Decisions

A boss gives little room for the opinions of others before making decisions. He feels he is the one in charge and others should willingly dance to his tune. He believes he knows what is best at every given time.

In contrast, a leader values the opinions of others and beckons people to give their opinions before any decision is made.  He does not feel he knows it all.

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Different Priorities 

A boss is solely result-driven. The productivity of the team is the major concern of the boss. A boss can discard you for resuming work late or not meeting your targets. Whereas, a leader would communicate with the defaulter to find out why he/she resumed late or was unable to meet a target.  The leader would bring suggestions that help the team member do better.

The boss prioritizes results over team members. However, though a leader equally wants to accomplish the great feat, he still cares about his team members. A leader will build you, a boss will use you.

Leaders Lead by Examples; Bosses Lead by Orders

Leaders seek to inspire others so they lead by example. A boss would rather delegate activities and demand positive outcomes from those made in charge. He does not necessarily lead by example.

In conclusion, anyone can be a boss but only a few transcend into becoming leaders. People prefer working with leaders and it brings out the best in them leading to better results. 

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