This post is not gender biased. I want to talk to all the Men and Women reading this.

First of all, let me cast myself, I know how to give good relationship advice, but then I always end it with ” I don’t know sha” so incase anything goes wrong, you can’t trace it back to me, but then really listen to every bit of word, I’m about to say now, it is very essential.
Why are you in a relationship with someone, you can’t see a future with? Shit, I just broke some tables but then why??

Precious, will you come off it, is that your topic? Don’t mind me, I be tripping, let’s get to the topic of the day.
My sister and I were having a discussion, few days back, and she said something, ” You know your spec, Fine. but have you ever wondered, if you are your spec’s spec. You didn’t get that? read it again.

I feel not knowing this, is part of the reasons why a lot of relationships are falling apart. This is how a lot of relationships work, and if you agree with me, please let me know, down in the comment section.


Aidan is a short guy, who isn’t really cute, but secures the bag, Jennifer is his spec, she has everything he wants in a woman, he approaches her to shoot his shot, she rejects him because he is nothing close to her spec, the next time he’s coming with a big car, to see her, she acts all familiar to him and finally agrees to date him. 2 weeks later, she breaks up with him ” E shock you abii” because her crush who she feels is her spec asked her out and he is everything she wants and secures the bag also. Long story, but I hope you got the message.

You might know your spec and find it in a man/woman but then if you are not his/her spec in anyway, such person will eventually leave, so you leave before you start catching feeling. Wetin dey cause heartbreak no pass this one.

Let me just quickly drop this. I am right by saying, Man (in general) is attracted to what they see, but please don’t determine your spec on only the physical thing. Yes they attract, but then they still fade away as time goes on. So be matured on things like that.

In the talking stage, you always see this question popping up “What Is Your Spec?” I won’t lie to you, I hear stupid answers, like My spec is Omotola, My spec is a tall, dark skinned, deep voice kind of guy, and the list will be so long, that if you were to count the meaningful thing said, it won’t be more than two, until you start getting answers like a person who holds meaningful conversations, who is not violent, who is very welcoming and the likes, check such person well.

Physical beauty matters, No lies. I don’t want to marry someone who is ugly either, I mean no one does, but then there is more that meets the eye than just that, and one of that is character, believe it or not.

I would love for you to drop your feeds on this topic, It will be great to hear from you and hear what you think, the comment section is down there for that, thank you.

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