Cecilia Wonah

Five Things You Should Know About Amanda Gorman

The 46th inauguration ceremony of the United States of America turned out to be an episode of “a star is born.” Who would have thought that a 22-year-old would steal the show of the 46th Presidential Inauguration Ceremony of the USA? Amanda Gorman shone brighter than a star as she recited her poem “The Hill […]Read More

Fame: A Bane or A Blessing

Have you ever listened to the song ‘Rich and Famous’ and found your imagination dazzling in the glory of being in the spotlight with the crowd chanting your name? Does that song resonate in you, one of your life’s dreams? Have you ever wished to be famous? Fame can be one hell of a drug, […]Read More

Personality Development: The New Oil

Life has taught me that looking beautiful is amazing, but a spectacular personality is so glorious it overshadows even the fairest of beauties. We live in a world where everyone claims that being real is good enough. Though, it is amazing to always be your true self as opposed to bowing to societal pressure or […]Read More

Is Homosexuality a Sin?

I don’t think God wiped out Sodom and Gomorrah only to exist in a generation that argues if Homosexuality is a sin or not. The answer to this question ought to be glaring to all that understand the meaning of sin. Nevertheless, the ability to back one’s stance with evidence and sufficient points is the […]Read More

Nigerian Men Creates New Association

2021 seems to be the year men want to break off from the tag “Providers.” To achieve this, they formed a new association known as the “Stingy Men Association.” (SMAN).  This association will come in handy to help a host of broke men pretend that they are just stingy, whereas there is nothing to be […]Read More

The Bride that Stayed (A Short Story)

Beep! Beep! Rang Jenny’s phone. The 29-year-old lazily took her phone prepared to curse at the caller for interrupting her sleep. To her surprise, it was John calling her that early morning on such a day. John was her best friend’s ex-boyfriend, and that day was her best friend’s wedding day. They all used to […]Read More

The Subtle Art of Being A Good Leader

Have you ever sat to wonder why coaches get sacked when a team’s performance declines? The players take most of the glory when the team has a great year or season, but when things go south the coach is a blast the most. The fact is that even if an all-star team is created, with […]Read More

Paternity Fraud in Nigeria

We grew up learning that only a woman knows the real father of her child, a man can never be too sure. Therefore, for the longest time, women have used this advantage to deceive men and commit what is known as paternity fraud. People often say that most firstborns are probably not their father’s child […]Read More

Top 3 Goals for 2021

As always, the clock kept ticking and at last, we saw ourselves screaming eureka for we made it into the new year. To be honest, after a year that can be best described as controversial and deadly, surviving into a new year is no small feat. So congratulations to us all! However, as we bask […]Read More

Alternative Christmas Celebration

Christmas as I have known it from childhood is celebrated with the preparation of delicious meals (after attending mass or service). On that day, my mom would spend most of her day in the kitchen cooking various delicacies. One could equally hear the boisterous sound of our neighbor’s kitchen utensils, for it seems everyone cooks […]Read More

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