Cecilia Wonah

Five Intriguing Facts About 2pac

Tupac Amaru Shakur, well known as 2pac, was an actor and a rap legend. 2pac left the world in September 1996, yet many consider him to be the greatest rapper of all time despite his brief existence.  The 16th of June, 2021, would have been his 50th birthday and a lot of fans took to […]Read More

Separatists used Twitter for their Agenda – Lai Mohammed

If you are one of those that felt the true intention behind the Twitter ban by the Nigerian government was more than just the delete of the President’s tweet,  pat yourself on the back because you are right. Today, the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, was interviewed in “Politics Nationwide.’’ A Radio Nigeria […]Read More

Bouazizi: The Vendor that Sparked the Arab Spring

The historic Arab Spring that brought about political revolutions and protests in some Arab states was influenced by the actions of a 26 years old Tunisian roadside seller by the name Mohamed Bouazizi. When Mohamed Bouazizi on December 17, 2010, put a match on himself which claimed his life on January 4, 2011, he probably […]Read More

Petty Kanye West Strikes Again

A few days ago, the music icon, designer and richest black man in America turned 44 years old. One of the highlights of the event was his separated wife, Kim Kardashian, wishing him a happy birthday and stating that she loves him for life. That same day, Khloe Kardashian wished her sister’s soon to be […]Read More

Tiwa Savage Confronts Nigerian Idol Judge

Do you remember the #Fvck You Challenge organised by Kizz Daniel? If you do, I am sure you can recall how Seyi Shey and Victoria Kimani said some unpleasant stuff about Africa’s number 1 bad girl, Tiwa Savage.  The incident took place a few years ago and though Tiwa Savage did not respond, it appears […]Read More

The Government of Nigeria

The government heard our torment yet to them, it was like a song. A song to their ears for entertainment. It did not make any difference that our lives are hard, or that we are unsafe, constantly being killed in our motherland. The only thing that is in any way important to them, is their […]Read More

Lessons from Blue Therapy (The show)

Blue Therapy can be judged as the most talked-about show this year. The show was centred on the life of two couples undergoing therapy. Each couple had their set of challenges which they shared on camera with therapist Denis. The couples were: Choima and Paul Deborah and Jamal Except for Jamal who was a Ghanaian, […]Read More

Money or Friendship (A Short Story)

Tunde showed up in the club with a bunch of guys to groove and have a swell time. They bought drinks and got girls dancing at their table.  The night was young and it felt like time halted for them to unwind. Just then, Tunde’s phone beeps and he receives a text from one of […]Read More

How to Save Videos from Twitter

There is no download button on Twitter, and ironically the streets of Twitter are flooded with videos you would love to have saved on your phone. People post funny, educational and interesting videos on Twitter because videos are a great way to get engagement on Twitter. I have seen people beg others to DM them […]Read More

Human Rights Activist Slaps Another Interviewee

Recently, I made a post about a human right activist who was caught on camera slapping the lady he was interviewing. You can read about that story and watch the video here. Once again, Ahmed Isah popularly known as the Ordinary President the Founder and CEO of Brekete Radio and TV program, known for their […]Read More