Popular Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo, is one of the many persons that has continued to protest for the punishment of Baba Ijesha for molesting a 14 year old girl for 7 years, the actress has also taken upon herself to blast those who show support for the actor.

Iyabo Ojo recently took her official Instagram account to share a lengthy, where she blasted a US-based colleague of hers, Bukky Black for defending Baba Ijesha.

Bukky Black had taken to her Instagram account to share a lengthy video where she defended Baba Ijesha. The actress claimed to know the actor very well and called out those who laid accusations on him.

Iyabo Ojo blows hot, slams Bukky Black, says she is disgrace to motherhood.

Watch the video below:


Iyabo Ojo who did not seem to like the stance of the actress, took to her instagram account to share a lengthy video, where she questioned the actress about her relationship with Baba Ijesha.

She went further to call Bukky Black a disgrace to motherhood and women in general.

Iyabo Ojo then asked Bukky Black if she would have spoken the same way if it were her grandchild that was molested.

Watch Iyabo Ojo’s Video Below:

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