Bryann, a housemate on Big Brother Naija, has voiced his displeasure with Amaka’s actions.

Bryann was sitting on Daniella’s bed when Amaka urged him to leave her alone last night because there was someone outside.

Bryann informed Kess and Daniella that Amaka was excessively noisy and that they would have gotten into a fight if they had been in the same room before she immediately left.


Amaka declined to join her housemates this morning when they gathered to discuss what food they would need to purchase this week and even refused to donate the amount they chose. Bryann was so enraged by this behavior that they argued.

Bryann said:

“You too dey talk rubbish, always behaving like a child

Amaka responded:

“You’re very petty. Even you too, always saying rubbish to people, na me and you for this house

Bryann continued, adding that he was not sorry and would not apologize.”

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