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BBNaija - September 9, 2021

BBNaija Shine Ya Eye: Whitemoney Professes Love For Jackie B


BBNaija Shine Ya Eye resident chef, Whitemoney has revealed that he’s attracted to Jackie B.

Speaking his mind in an intimate conversation with Jaypaul, Whitemoney revealed that he likes Jackie B but would respect her decision if she rejects him because of Michael.

“There are two things involved here, it’s either I start shooting my shot at you like doing what JayPaul did for Saskay or just respect you and leave you alone,” he began.

He went further to tell her that he would not push her further if she rejects him because he wouldn’t like her to be emotionally drained.

“I and Michael are unique and I don’t want you to be confused or emotionally drained in making a choice.

“I’m out of touch and don’t know how to do these things about love anymore. I’ll kill it and wish you guys the best.

Continuing, he said: “I can’t drag for a woman, all the choice lies in her hand.”

Whitemoney also added that he got the courage because Michael had been evicted.

“I’m expressive now and have courage because Michael is not around, you know I wouldn’t do this till we’re outside on a normal day,” Whitemoney said.

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