Flaws are what makes us unique and different. That flaw you have that you hate so much might have been the reason why someone walked up to you, or what someone admired about you. Imagine a world where everything was the same and perfect, where everyone looked like you, how do you think it will be, well it will be boring.

There is no perfect person. Sweetheart love your flaws even when it is hard to. Accept your flaws cause someone out there is admiring you for who you are and what you are, you just don’t know. The most important thing is who you are on the inside. Criticizing people, making people feel bad, body shaming people is a very bad thing, it causes depression for the other party, don’t just think of now, think of the later effect.

Sometimes when I see people talk badly about people, I can’t help but wonder so this is what this person came to this life to do, some people are just waiting for you to make one mistake, then they will say ” I said it “. No matter what you do people are there to criticize you and what pains me the most is that we humans we care about what people think of us too much and not only do we care, we start feeding on it and we start acting otherwise. I’m not saying don’t listen to people opinion and don’t take correction when needed. All i am saying is don’t let bad remarks about you make you hate you.

A girl tells another girl ” Your butt is too big, you are too fat, you have stretch marks” and then you start looking at yourself as one rag, you start hating yourself, you stop going to places cause you feel your type of people are not there, you start feeling uncomfortable around people, cause of someones bad opinion about you.

I know some guys also face this ” I’m not as built as this guy, I’m too skinny, no girl will like me, girls love guys with the looks and the built ( which is true though) but please show me one person who is all perfect, who has no flaws, who is completely spotless, if you can show me one then I will tell you to keep hating yourself.

No one is perfect we are beautiful in our own ways. Be you a male or female, don’t let what anyone say to you, get to you. Look at that mirror every day and tell yourself you are beautiful, you are handsome. It gives you a high level of self-esteem.

I’ve been told many things while growing up, I’ve felt bad about most of the things, I’ve tried to be all perfect, I’ve wished to be someone else, but I’ve also learnt that I was just acting based on foolishness and that I’m beautiful. I am beautiful even with my flaws and I want anyone reading this to stop the habit of hating yourself but learn to love yourself, ’cause you are a perfect person to somebody.

Thanks for reading.

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