Bolstering the Immune System

This is a trying time for many.

Coronavirus is new to us all. Scientists are still working on vaccines and antivirals. Populaces are worn-out of waiting. Experts are centering on general health maintenance; the authorities has joined in giving information to assist with the virus. However, as panic races across the globe, weakened immune system and poor diet are additionally having an immensely negative effect on the skill to combat the virus.

Though there have been practices of social distancing, still, the lack of immunity amongst humans is simply one of the many reasons why the virus continues spreading rapidly.

Sign of a weakened immune system:

One gets easily worn-out and /or wake up tired,

One gets sick easily,

One gets sick, and takes longer to heal, and

For people with some allergy, signs are turning more substantial.
Affirmative, there are lots of conflicting information out there, but now isn’t just the time to blame anyone. It is time to show support and love to another.

From the health practitioners, your immune system is the key to overall performance for your body; even when the climate becomes windy, nippy, your immunity has to function in full throttle to hold off attacks from microorganisms like bacteria and viruses. Thus, for its higher functioning, it is your duty to take care of it to prevent overstaying in bed.

How to bolster your immune system

It is depressing to receive that some still consider it a complete truth that there is no other vital equipment in preventing/stopping disease other than the vaccine. Yes, vaccines are effective; however, not all vaccines are safe and effective as your mainstream (a strong immune system).

Here is the uplifting news.

There are methods to sustain your immune system functioning optimally and additionally assist it to work more efficiently.

The Basics:

Proper handwashing:

Of course, proper handwashing will assist, protect and improve your health, potentially your immune system. As recommended, wash properly for 20 – 30 seconds (this time is enough to kill the virus) or use sanitizer that contain > 60% alcohol.

Enough sleep: Have a high-quality sleep of about 7-9 hours daily/ regularly.

Exercising: It’s been proposed to stay active with the fitting amount of exercise. Now isn’t the time, to start with strenuous exercise.

Moderation in alcohol consumption:

In the time of stress, many would prefer going for alcohol as a coping mechanism. However, records have shown that heavy alcohol drinkers are probable to develop lung condition besides, a connection has been discovered between consistent alcohol consumption and susceptibility to infections.


Of course, there is no definite answer about dietary supplements and vitamins being effective to shield against coronavirus BUT, certain vitamins, supplements and minerals have been recognized for their immune system boosting properties. They include: Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc.

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