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2709 Updates - Education - February 4, 2022

BREAKING: “Indefinite strike will commence.”- ASUU


On February 4th, 2022, the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) announced it’s intentions to go an indefinite strike.

This news was announced through a statement signed by the chairman of the board, University of His branch, Dr Laizarus Maigoro.

According to the board, the federal government of Nigeria has been indifferent towards resolving the crisis in the education sector, especially in universities.

ASUU says it will commence indefinite strike

Legit.ng reports that ASUU called the federal government’s support for IPPIS ‘a shameful act’ , despite reported fruad in it’s implementation.


In the full statement released, the board complained about the numerous past negotiations and agreement where the government on how to revamp but are yet to show any commitment in fufilling their part of the negotiation.


In the last one year, our Union has been engaged with the federal government and its officials over demands which, if met, would lift the standard of our battered tertiary institutions, especially the universities.

The undisputed crisis in our educational sector has met, as with other consequences, nothing but the same response. Our union states very clearly that we appreciate the interest demonstrated by the Nigerian Inter-religion Council with a view to resolving the current impasse.

However, it is not rational to continue to return to the same physician for the cure of an ailment iatrogenically introduced by him or one in which he has failed to cure or bring relief to his patient.

From historical experience, we can conclude that NIRECs efforts with agents of government will be more prone to bringing further pain and anguish to the system. This will surely be the case if NIREC’s intervention ends with a palliative solution. This will lead to another phase of the same crisis. For the avoidance of doubt, our Union ASUU, has had several meetings with the Minister of Labour, Officials of the Federal Ministry of Education, the NUC, and NITDA and, very recently with the Chief of Staff to the President.


“All these meetings have not calmed our members as the following issues still remain unresolved.

“Al the recent comments by the spokesman to the President, Mr. Femi Adesina that government will keep to the promises, rings very hollow to us. The government’s pattern of response to the issues is that of a serial promise-breaker. Like an unfaithful spouse, they are unable to match their words with action which is affecting the education sector negatively. We are tired of their deceit and IT IS TIME FOR US TO ACT.

We want to inform Nigerians, that we are tired of fruitless meetings with the Minister of Labour, NUC executive secretary, Salaries, Incomes and Wages commission , NITDA, and the Chief of Staff to the President. If they ever want us to listen to them, they should first of all act on the promises they have already made.”


In the meantime, we are resolved to proceed on an indefinite and comprehensive strike until fidelity returns to our relationship with the government and our demands are met. We are tired of the back and forth.”

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