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Choosing Between My Wife and Mother (A short story)


Tobi stood by his gate but didn’t push it open. His hands were injury-free yet they wouldn’t move to shove the gate. If a stranger saw him at that moment, they would hastily conclude that he was a suspicious character. He was standing in front of the gate to his rented apartment yet like an amateur criminal he was too scared to go through it.

They say it was a man’s world, yet, here was him being completely shattered by the wishes of two women. “How did I get here?” He asked himself rhetorically.

Two weeks ago, all was fine in his life and he would return home wearing a huge grin. Oh! How much could things deteriorate within the twink of an eye? Failing to muster the courage to push the gate open, he turned and walked away.

Tobi went to a bar and ordered drinks. This was his first time staying out late since he got married two years ago. As he sipped his alcohol, he began to reflect on the past events that led to his current predicament. 

Truly, all was well until he ordered a car a month ago. This would be the first car he has ever purchased, unfortunately, the joy of it has been washed away with the storms it has created.

Originally, he planned to give his beautiful wife the car but something unexpected happened. His mom who single-handedly raised him as a widow was transferred to a remote school. Her new workstation was very far from her residence and the road was quite bad. Consequently, going to work has become very hectic for the poor ageing woman. 

To get to work, she has to board a bus and journey for about an hour. The frequent alighting and picking of passengers made the journey longer and cumbersome. Additionally, she has to alight from the bus at the entrance of the road that leads to her new school. After which, she either climb a motorcycle or walk for approximately 30 minutes.  This was tough on the poor woman. 

The new routine was hell but she couldn’t resign as she was close to retirement and the benefits that would come with it. Also, it will take a while before she can obtain a transfer to another school. Furthermore, the school did not provide accommodation and the place was too remote for her to live there. Her sugar level and blood pressure must be checked regularly and she won’t be able to do that in that remote area. Additionally, her body has little tolerance for malaria and from her findings, the area was filled with mosquitoes and barely has electricity. She certainly won’t survive living there.

Just four days after resuming her duty, she was involved in an accident. The motorcycle driver that carried her bumped into a rock and they fell off the bike. The accident got her badly bruised. Due to the accident, Tobi decided the car would be more useful to his mother than his wife. Surprisingly, his wife disapproved of his decision and this has led to continuous chaos.

Dupe, his beautiful wife, argued that she was two months pregnant and would need a car to navigate through town. She also pointed out that her blood group was O negative. Therefore, she needed all the comfort possible to have a safe delivery. However, Tobi argued that it was because of him his mom sold her car and he would be an awful child if he didn’t return the favour now that she needed a car.

The arguments led to his wife asking him to choose between her or his mom. According to her, whoever he gives the car will display who he prioritized the most. Tobi’s car will be arriving tomorrow, and he felt numb. If only he could afford to buy two cars. “What should I do?” He muttered under his breath.

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