Cubana Chief Priest’s Alleged Brother Reveals Struggles Despite Having Millionaire Relative

A young man identified as Mr. Bethel Okechukwu who claims to be the brother of Cubana Chief Priest has called him out for abandoning him.

According to the young man claiming to be the brother of Cubana Chief Priest, the Chief bartender has abandoned him and left him to wither away in poverty.

In a video interview describing his life story and relationships with Cubana Chief Priest, Okechukwu began by revealing his occupation. He revealed that he is a phone repairer stationed at the crowded Alaba market.

He further disclosed how passionate he is about being a music star but has no one to support him.

With irritation in his voice, he lamented his inability to take his profession to new heights, hoping for the chance to cooperate with singer Flavour, a close confidant of Cuba’s Chief Priest.

Regarding his relationship with Cubana Chiefpriest, Okechukwu revealed that despite his multiple attempts to contact Chief priest, he was frequently unable to do so, either due to being impeded by Chiefpriest’s security or because Chiefpriest’s calendar was too crowded.

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