“Don’t just sit down and complain, Nigeria’s future is in your hands.” – Obasanjo tells Nigerian Youths.

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Former President Olusegun Obasanjo adviced the youths of Nigeria during a virtual interview to bring about change in Nigeria by taking over leadership in the country.


Obasanjo said this during a virtual interview held on Sunday, January 31st. The former president told Nigerian youths not to sit down and complain about the country, but take action on the situations in the country in order to bring change.

According to the Punch, the former president also adviced the youths of Nigeria to wrestle power and make the breed of fortunate “old hags” ruling the the country uncomfortable.

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo tells Nigerian youths to take power in the country.

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Obasanjo also criticised the heightened national insecurity in Nigeria, he noted that the problem of insecurity in the nation will drive investors form the country.

Referring to the elderly generation ruling the country as “old hags”, Obasanjo charged Nigerian youths telling them that the “old hags” won’t voluntarily leave power untill the youths make them leave power.

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Obasanjo said;

“Don’t just sit down and complain. Sitting down and complaining will make you on the same level and you have to get what I call critical mass of like-minded people who will be ready to say let us bring about the change.

“When people say when will these old hags go out of the way? I tell them they won’t go out of the way, you have to make them go out of the way. They won’t voluntarily go out of the way, you have to make it uncomfortable for them.”

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