Drama Unfolds as Hushpuppi’s Closest Companion Woodberry Posts on Snapchat

A young man has disclosed that the best friend of Hushpuppi, Woodberry, posted a new video on his Snapchat amidst his jail sentence.

Recall that Woodberry was arrested together with his friend Hushpuppi over some fraudulent activities that affected individuals and organisations in the United States.

The United States court sentenced Woodberry to eight years and three months in prison over a multimillion-dollar fraud in July 2023.

However, almost a year after his sentence, a young man has alleged that Woodberry might have been freed after coming across a video he allegedly posted on his Snapchat with the handle “Mrwoodberry”.

In the video shared by the man, Woodberry was seen cruising in a car with a nose mask on his face. However, Gistreel cannot ascertain whether the video of Woodberry posted on Snapchat is recent or if he posted it himself.

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